Rufaro / Press

“Terrific stuff, I don't think I've ever heard anything quite like it, just a natural evolution of different styles.”

Try Not Do

“Blew my socks off - original, compelling and a great fusion of styles that you make all your own - the genuine article - my consciousness expanded.”

The Luv Daleks - The Luv Daleks

“Blacksnake winds its coils around you and won't let go. Bold, assured music. Excellent production, the vocals are handled perfectly. Bravo”

Professor P-Soop - Professor P-Soop

“Mannn, I have to admit with everything real in my soul, YOU F&*^ING JAMMMMM!!!! Please keep making music. (I keep thinking I'mah hear Jimmy say Radio 1 in the backgr...”

Copasetic One

“This guy is awesome. true soulful rock and roll. love this music, make sure you check this guy out.”

Eternal Shake

“Wow, this guy is a true pioneer with amazing original set of chops! A1, Come feel that groove!”

Wallace Beaudry and perrinium

“Loving the tracks Rufaro and to know you personally has been an honor. You've given me a lot of insight and direction and I thank you for that. Look forward to continuing to work together on this journey called Life and to witness each others legacy.”

David Lopez Morales - David Morales

“Not what I expected! A brilliant cross genre artist who deserves to be heard. Excellent man! God bless”

Steve Morin - Steve Morin

“MzChief Beatshop One word AWESOME!!!! ”

MzChief Beatshop - MzChief Beatshop

“ Chill, sick sound here! 'Mississippi-Hop' and 'N.E.M.' are my new jams! ROCK ON!!!! ”

Spencer Joyce

“I had to listen to every thing ' you had me , hook me with your style , RAW and REAL ! Deep as hell , Give's ya the cross roads feelings , Thank you .”


"Make it" is a fabulous showcase of your lyrical genius and massive talent! Your music will open doors..never give up your dream! Much Love xoxo


“ Rufaro, rockin soulful vibe. Really dig it, great guitar work and love the vocals & smooth lyrics!”

Spare Me Felix

“ YOu are an ORIGINAL!!! Love your sound, love your style!”

Maya Love Coppola

“ Very good work man.. I love the guitar work.. You have your own unique style, I here a similarity though in your flow and also the Rap Band most of us loved = OutKast. Jus...”


“WYZARD Rufaro, my friend! Loving your music, the way you incorporate the music with your rap. It's not one specific style of music, it's different styles, which makes it very un...”


“ I'm glad to have found your music, it has made my morning!! ”

The Steven McGill Project



“ Enjoying your new track " Make It " cool tune! Keep up the great work! -Tete-”


“ rOILErCoaSt3R is da Bomb! You are very talented in your style and the different flava of your groove surprises you and sneaks up on you with dat FIYA....”

Vicki J

“..Great tracks...a fabulous find..! Smooth..& gorgeous...Play All..!”

the spider ferns

“Hell yea,, say it,, like it is,, and just Rock! Let em, all be scared,,, why? They should be! hahahah(: Keep it real my friend! Krayg out...”


“Oooh, I'm lovin' your songs! You play guitar with incredible skill and emotion. Having lived in Spain, I'm feelin' that Spanish vibe on some of your tracks. ”

Juliann Andreen

“ Brilliant instrumental music you are a truly wonderful talent, keep up the fantastic work, you are so amazing! Awesome tracks! God Bless you! My very best wishes to you from England. Rob. ”

Robert Steven Hunt

“We listend to your music. Its really great work, you have very good lyrics and an amazing skill to use your guitar. Sounds fantastic! Keep on with your good work and passion :) ”

D Unity

“Cool Vibe, digging the sound! Very talented! ”

Katja Glieson

“WOW..You are nothing but TALENT oozing out my speakers..Peace”

Twisted Folk

“ love that Hendrix vibe!”


“The greatest band I heard yet in the area! You MUST listen to Rufaro!!!”

Ed's Dead Son

“After the shock of watching a brotha bang out Jack White and Zepplin,you realize the future is in the past! He plays guitar like his forefathers using no pick.He carries the bassline while playing the melody,this is something your never see with todays guitarist.In a genre that is absent of afc-amcns,he not only stands out,but he stands apart:)”

Mr Deigh - 3rdrealmtreehouse