rudy nicoletti / Press

“The series of DJ CD's (and beyond) offering three different tracks (in double extended version) by three different artists, extends into contemporary house. Very good are the proposals coming from "Antiqua Studio", the crossroads of numerous artists, producers and genres, and from the young but tested DJ / producer Alex P (Milan), always deftly poised between house and minimal; finally, the luxury producer Rudy Nicoletti, already familiar to the tech-electro-house charts under different aliases..”

“Miko Mission ritorna al vecchio amore:la dance.Lo affianca Graziano Pegoraro, partner di tanti successi, a partire da “How Old Are You”.Miko confeziona questo singolo, “Thinking Of You”, con una versione club-oriented, curata da Rudy Nicoletti, intitolata “I’ve Been Thinking Of You””