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“Welcome to the bizarre world of the rude mechanicals a crooked band of n'er do well minstrels so out of step with the pop's pulse beat they sound as though they've been beamed in from some surreal cartoon world where mayhem, ghouls and strange goings on appear the norm. A chaotic and spastically spewed gem of such erratic schizoid persona and chaotic verve you'd do well to take heed of precautionary health concerns in ducking and darting to avoid its Catherine wheel like emitting sharp shards. Headed up by the mysterious Miss Roberts, rude mechanicals weave to their wayward tapestry an intoxicating and impishly incorrigible array of skittish grooves whose references stray with scythe like precision across a skewed wasteland of discarded mutant body parts whose origins are encountered in impish music hall penny dreadful recitals, Victoriana shanties, art rock and prog from which embraced to their scavenging merry prankster bosom echoes of Bonzo sit disturbingly demurred alongside Brecht”

"Rude Mechanicals: Artful jazzbo slinkiness and cabaret poetics with fabulous playing from all concerned and brilliantly off kilter but accessible vocalising from the remarkable front woman Miss Joe Roberts.… with elements from the likes of Rip Rig And Panic, Little Annie and Diamanda Gallas there’s loads here to enjoy… eclecticism never got hipper. And isn’t that Jowe Head once of Swell Maps beneath that top hat plucking bubbling bass notes?"


“RUDE MECHANICALS have to be seen, no they really do have to be seen - they all look so intriguingly good, they demand your full attention, your fascination... theres some seriously good musicians up there and it all seems to flow so so easily, so effortlessly when it should be so uncomfortably awkward... And there in the middle, looking radiant in her long red dress and big white hair and in finger-pointing control of everything is Miss Roberts. Telling us how to dance in such a charmingly refreshing (and wonderfully plummy) way, and we cant help but respond to her elegant demands... Miss Roberts will take control. Rude Mechanicals are wonderfully good... They leave the stage to wild applauds...”

The Organ Grinder - Organ Magazine

“Your soundtrack is a creative cabaret, avant-garde punk. Think of the TIger Lillies experimenting with the instruments of rock on top of an accordion. And experimentation is something Rude Mechanicals hold dear, as they not only explore sounds through a collaboration of different instruments, but also the sounds each instrument makes. Electronic sounds are mixed with guitar, an accordion, a bass, drums, synths and occasionally a trumpet. The singer Miss Roberts uses her voice to expore what music can make us feel and visualize. Within the music you will hear her voice sing, scream and sometimes break into a spoken word feel. As a musical act Rude Mechanicals adds to the experience you get from their music. Miss Roberts is dressed in an old beautiful red dress of silk, with her face painted white and black around her eyes. And all band members are dressed in their own particular style, creating their own kind of magic.”

Ellen Melin - London Festival Fringe

“Have you any idea how unusual it is for me to enjoy an unsolicited CD these days? And to want to hear it again? And then, as I type these words, another one appears - the Zappa/Beefheart theatrics of the free-moving RUDE MECHANICALS album Glass Eye (loads of drums played like percussionist is doing the washing up, and off-mic oboe, and the feeling that these folk surely have to be the same age as me because they love Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Here And Now, Lindsay Cooper, Make Up and Skill 7 Stamina 12 just like me, surely?) and you know how unusual THAT IS??? Very. ”

Everett True, Hugs and Kisses No: 76 - Village Voice

“One of the most exciting bands in outsider music. ...a delicous cacophony of trumpets, drums and guitars, led by a screeching singer who looks like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous as styled by Elizabeth McGrath and sent out to steal childrens souls. Sublime.”

Bizarre Magazine

“...a hugely consuming albeit distracting beast is 'the Cyclops and the wildebeest' from the moment the freak circus opening of the macabre 'perfect child' veers into earshot, the dye is cast and all that passes for normality is left at the door as the Rude ones draw you to partake in their devilish pact, they are the flickering blurred movement momentarily caught just out of the corner of your eye...”

“RUDE MECHANICALS are rather unique, rather special, and probably played more than any other band on Organ radio shows, Miss Roberts and her mysterious world where Zappa waltzing with cups of tea and strange alien mice who run the tube system and big wigs and red dresses and violins and all very English and I’m sure she must know the Consultant? " And we may have said lots and lots about them over the last couple of year, but it isn’t only us; “the strangely disturbed world of the Rude Mechanicals ...a great deal like nothing you ever heard before... " Tom Robinson BBC 6 Radio. Best go explore some webpages if you don’t know, there’s nowhere near enough space to start here. ”

"...the strangely disturbed world of the Rude Mechanicals who sound a little bit like The Flying Lizards, a little bit like The Native Hipsters and a great deal like nothing you ever heard before... " Tom Robinson BBC6 June 13th

Tom Robinson BBC6 - BBC6

"RUDE MECHANICALS have to be seen, no they really do have to be seen"

"...super vocalist Miss Roberts can do "Troutmask" style phrasing & much more, while squawks, squonks, intricate bass & guitar interplay abound to Zappaesque effect. After a while its artrock roots shine through - more than a little early Roxy, elements of Robert Wyatt, Father Murphy, the Pop Group, Rip Rig & Panic, XTC, & Henry Cow, or even oddball forbears like Kevin Coyne or the Bonzo Dog Band."

“SINGLE OF THE WEEK RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluid / Etiquette (Ex Gratia)”