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“The googolplex-threat, Ruby Yo does it all: music, acting, comedy, theater. Born and raised on Chicago’s south-side, Ruby Yo fuses her talents to create raw hip-hop music. As a multi-talented, and multi-media artist Ruby doesn’t shy away from giving you a wide range of musical style and sound. You can hear the heavy influence of hip-hop classics like Tupac and Biggie, in her narrative verses on Keeps Killing Me. Also, she doesn’t forgot her Puerto Rican roots on tracks like Estrella Caida (Fallen Star).”

“HER STORY: Give this girl a microphone and a stage and witness Marilyn Camacho transform into Ruby Yo!, an interdisciplinary artist with a kaleidoscope of creative talent. Whether it’s flowing to a hip-hop beat or projecting her onstage Emcee persona, Ruby can fuse her love of theater and music to create progressive tracks and entertain an audience with her timeless feel.”

“What do you want to say with your music? What is your message? Can you live from your music already? What are your future goals? Ruby: I think, more than anything, my music is just a reflection of my various personas, characters.. just like when I’m acting. The one common factor you will hear in my music, is that it’s aggressive and very in your face. I’m definitely a storyteller and I tell stories of my own and others, who inspire me to write the stories.”

“Big Daddy Kane, Ruby Yo! From: Event (past): Big Daddy Kane, Ruby Yo! (Fri., March 22, 9 p.m. 2013) Tags: Hip-Hop Uploaded: Apr 30, 2013”

“And the Spring Solo Jam Line-Up Is.......... One You Can't Miss SOLO JAMS – Spring 2012 A late-nite foray into the world of one person performance. On Saturday May 26th 11pm Performing Live: Ruby Yo!' - The Rubyx Cube EP Release Live Set Ruby Yo! will take you on a musical journey with songs from her new EP, "The Rubyx Cube", also some old school & new school hip-hop classics, and a Moombahton jam session with her deejay, DJ P. Roq.”

“Marilyn Camacho AKA Ruby Yo! is a force to be reckoned with. She may be strikingly beautiful but upon meeting her you also know that Ruby Yo! is not just a pretty face. This talented actress performs under the name Ruby Yo! and is a refreshing new addition to the female hip-hop game without selling her sexy. Ms. Camacho is part owner of Urban Theater, a company in Chicago that works to bring brown playwrights and actors to the stage and is about to celebrate both the opening of the company’s production of ”Fucking A” March 20th and her first performance at South by Southwest Music Festival later this week. I am so in awe of this woman I just had to introduce you to her.”

“It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen something new from Monkeee on FSD. Well today he returns alongside Ruby Yo! for an ode to his favorite drink.”

“I Still Love H.E.R. Mixtape Vol. 1 (Free Download) It would be fair to say that female emcees don’t get the credit they deserve in Hip Hop especially here in Chicago where Ang 13, Psalm one, and the Ruby Yo’s are constantly tearing ish down. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the I Still Love H.E.R. event held every fourth Monday at the Sub-T that supports Hip Hop represented through the feminine experience, LadyGemStar and KickAssAlyssia bring to you the mixtape, I Still Love H.E.R. hosted by DJ Alo. It’s a keeper, so go download it right now by clicking on the image and give credit where credit is due or go to http://www.istillloveherinc.com and download it there.”

“RUBY YO! will be headlining the evening, and has promised to perform a 4 song set that features songs ranging from the lows and highs of love, to sweet revenge, partying, and the experience of growing up in Chicago’s inner city. Ruby Yo! (aka Marilyn Camacho) is a long time Luna friend, having recently been seen in Teatro Luna’s GL 2010. We can’t wait to see her make it to the big leagues with her music. Catch this performance as she plans to unveil some never before heard music!”

“Join Proyecto Latina on Monday, September 21st @ 7 p.m. as we make our way to McKinley Park to the 35th Street Cafe to host our featured presenter, Marilyn Camacho a.k.a Ruby Yo!. Marilyn Camacho is hip-hop femcee, singer, and songwriter Ruby Yo! Her music is a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and Latin soul that rings familiar to her Puerto Rican roots. As Ruby Yo!, Camacho strives to fill the current void in hip-hop music, and ensure that the woman’s voice is truly heard and represented in a respectable fashion that’s true to the art form and its original purpose.”