Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers / Press

“...a hard blend of rockabilly sass and supercharged Buck Owens style twang and treble...”

Dusted Magazine

“...a whip-smart mix of Stray Cats-fed rockabilly and Blasters-inspired alt-country with a nod towards Cash and Cline..."”

Austin Chronicle

“Consider the various genres this band fits into: rockabilly, old-style swing and stripped down country. If Ruby Dee's singing inspires others to kill, it can hardly have anything to do with the music”

Santa Fe Reporter

“Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers are the complete package, and a must-see for any lover of traditional, sassy roots-rock twang delivered with no fealty to modern trappings”

Metro Santa Cruz

“Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers are road tested and approved…”

What’s Up

“… Ruby Dee’s voice and instrumentals are as perfect of a fit for this distinct genre as pompadour hair-dos and creepers. … Really, it’s good old rock n’ roll tunage for that classic western lifestyle with a little boogie in it to boot”

“…Why write a review when you can write a love letter? Whatever woodshedding Dee has done in the last two years has given us this amazing set that still finds her flying under the radar but certainly at the top of the niche. Miss this only if you dare”

Midwest Record Review

“…it’s almost a crime to hear this music outside of it’s environment; it shouldn’t be played on a home stereo or on headphones. It needs to be played, if not live, then over the PA at some well worn bar, just a bit louder than what one would consider comfortable...”

“…Their sophomore full length, with Conrad Uno back on board, mines country and rock’s past glories with swagger and skill...”

No Depression #75

"...treads through hardcore honky-tonk, rockabilly, and vintage country swing."

No Depression #66

"...a whip-smart mix of Stray Cats-fed rockabilly and Blasters-inspired alt-country with a nod towards Cash and Cline."

Austin Chronicle

"...truck stop attitude and a juke box voice."

Seattle Times

"Risky–and perhaps just a bit risqué–Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers conjure forth all sorts of visions of another time...

Metro Santa Cruz

"Blending snarling rockabilly with honky tonk heartache, Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers have crafted their best recorded set thus far. The heart of the 13-song set emanates from Dee’s original material which combines poetic expressionism and hillbilly sass."

Ken Burke - Blue Suede News #84

"They’ve got that timeless rockabilly sound nailed down; every track delivers the kind of treacherous energy their name implies."