Rubim de Toledo / Press

“Toledo is one of Alberta’s busiest and most accomplished musicians. (jazz) abounds in performers with virtuosic technique. The challenge is to create innovative material that is thoughtful, challenging, accessible and enjoyable. Toledo’s The River is all of that. ”

“Toledo is one of the most sought-after studio and performing artists on Alberta’s jazz scene. The versatile bassist is also considered a Brazilian / Cuban master ... The release (The River) is one of three great jazz projects to hit the market in 2009, Rubim has helped to create all three. ”

“CD Review. It knocks me out, first for how de Toledo's writing and arranging sets up tasty harmonies, then for the depth of intuitive playing and the excellent sound that captures it, and finally for some intangible element we'll just call soul.”

“On Dance, Creativity and Corporate Teamwork ... by simply listening to Toledo’s most recent album, the River, you start to understand the importance of that dynamic (teamwork, flexibility and creativity). It’s not about showing off, but creating a seamless dance.”