Rubedo / Press

“Rubedo Lapis Sophorum Self-released Referencing François Truffaut's frequent protagonist in "Antoine Doinel," Rubedo strikes a somber and wistful chord early on with Kyle Gray's understated vocals, which recall the slight quaver of Mercury Rev's Jonathan Donohue. "Revelation of the Sun" is a roller coaster of intensity and tranquility, with a hint of Pink Floyd's abrasively psychedelic "Careful With That Axe Eugene" in the short screams of horrified self-realization toward the end of the song. The more conventionally structured "As Though Love Were Burning His Body" gives a sense of interrupted peace with an interesting mixture of jazz-like textures and countrified melody. The faintly luminous "Abaissement du Niveau Mental" ends things with a final crashing catharsis to resolve the album's tangled web of complicated and conflicting emotions.”

“The last act playing is progressive rock band Rubedo, whose comparison to the Mars Volta goes so far that Volta’s keyboardist Isaiah “Ikey” Owens produced their new LP, to be released later this year. It’s easy to see what made Owens want to work with Rubedo, as their total embrace of epic rock, unconventional song structure, and total experimentalism is some of the hippest stuff being made in town. Their show is a complete mind-melter, so be warned. ”