R.T.T. / Press

"RIght Now" (Ft. My Worst Critic) On OC104 Radio station for Hip Hop and R & B in Ocean City Maryland!

“I know R.T.T. is gonna be successful because I look at the work ethic and the potential. And see where the R.T.T.will end up. It just takes time.”

Waldo Black - R.T.T. Chronicles

“(In reference to Ques) ...MY NIGGA GO HARD!!!”

L.Jordan - Static Chronicles

“ay i like you all's style. you guys rok! keep it up fellas, fo' real.”

Cameron Lawson - Tha Evryman post

“I was feeling the mixtape(Why You Mad? Vol 1.) especially the "We Getting Money" Track. My favortite hook on the CD!”

D.Harv - Cartel Radio

“Monster's sick. Creative genius.”

Businessman Jones - Businessman times

“You guys are definetly on your way...”

J.Epting - Tsa Chapter supervisor

“Your Vocals really sound great(IMC) I can really see you having a great future in music”

C.Elander - Sparrow Run Newsletter

“monster is da new hotness! and u know i liked make u wet since da first tyme i heard it in da car. yall are the shyt forreal and dis stuff needs to be mainstream.”

“y'all "given 'em some heat...lightin' 'em up" haha good stuff. Listened to all the songs, and I have to say I did enjoy each of them. keep it up guys, I look forward to more!”