Spider / Press

“One of the most beautiful presentations on RN! This set just flows with creativity, talent and originality. And, I believe it is sprinkled with a pinch of magic as well!”

Rick Frost - reverbnation

“This is just wonderful stuff! It is creative,engaging,uplifting and healing. Sheer beauty. I've finally stumbled across a concrete example of the metaphor "poetry in motion".Spider, thanks for an incredible listening experience - I'm sincerely blown away.”

Rick Frost - RN

“This guy is stone-cold cool and has the pipes to melt your wife, girlfriend, or date. R&B flavors rich in sound and deep in talent. Check out what he has to offer! Here is a link to a past article. Here is his Facebook link. ReverbNation here! Continue reading on Examiner.com: Sounds on ReverbNation - Syracuse Local Music | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/local-music-in-syracuse/sounds-on-reverbnation-review#ixzz1MTvHbmzv”

“Spider’s music about Buddhism and songs for World Peace are becoming popular around the globe, as he envisioned. Some who have never before heard of Buddhism are being introduced to Buddhism through Spider’s music. Visit Reverbnation to hear more of Spider's music. Visit Spider's youTube Channel for his library of videos”

"Each New Day" is a wonderful new song Spider! You always put a smile on my face every time I stop by to listen to your music! Keep up the great work!

“Spider, I've been listening to your songs man. You're heading places! Maybe you could write me a new song to perform with The Drifters. Get ahold of me. Maybe we'll do a show together one day as well. Keep up the great work! Always your dear friend, Charlie Thomas”

Charlie Thomas - The Drifters

“See? Spider's are not so scary after all! I truly see him hitting the world and sky-rocketing to the top, so, we will visit again with Spider when that happens. At this publishing he is currently #2 on Revernation's R&B charts. Now get out there and support the music!!”