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Gypsy Elise is the rarest form of vocalist, a beautiful female contralto~ With her 4 octave range, and silken, throaty lower range, often, Milady Gypsy is mistaken for a male vocalist. That is until you see her... then it's crystal clear that she is not only 100% gorgeous female vocalist, she is also keyboardist Ryan De Sade Way's wife. She is also the very proud Mama to three beautiful children. Gypsy Elise is a force of nature, a super-charged rose to be reckoned with!
Refining her vocals and assuming her position as troubadour, Gypsy Elise, with the aid of her Royal Blues, vividly captures the mysterious chambers of human emotion when reciting a torch or blues ballad. Together their sound recalls Gypsy's transient kindred with a whimsical bohemian, yet mesmerizing sensual mash-up of blues, R&B, jazz, rock, and funk. Their repertoire ranged from soft, dulcet melodies to psychedelic powered rock, but invariably provokes a teeming crowd from tears to twinkle-toes.
- Haley Hemenway Sledge, Ogden Museum of Southern Arts, Intern/ With Edward Rio, Publicist

New Orleans Louisiana's #1 Rockin Blues Band! Worldwide fan base, over 50 original songs all in radio rotation. This IS the band to have at your performance! ~The "world bred, traveled and seasoned" vocalist/band leader, Gypsy Elise De Sade-Way is Basque Gypsy by birth, but essentially southern musician by trade. Born in 1959 to a family of entertainers, her flower-child era rearing is clearly heard in her music. A savvy lady who finally cashed in her chips from years of entrepreneurship, Gypsy Elise has plucked a bouquet of talented musicians, dubbed The Royal Blues, including her husband Ryan De Sade-Way on the primary keys and key bass, Ricky Jackson on saxophone, and Chuck Crowley on the drums. Some shows may also feature our New Orleans Herman Halphen on drums, and Henry Vander Vennet on lead guitar.
From the first notes, this is one HIGHLY engaging band! The audience is immediately drawn into the show as Gypsy Elise begins her entertaining dialogue that makes everyone feel both welcomed and appreciated at once. Throughout the show, her warm and open personality, hilarious wit, and brilliant smile are a winning combination when interlaced with her powerful vocals and original lyrics. The cover music that the band does shines far past the norm. With an impressive three original albums to their credit this past year alone, it is a proven fact that the blend of skills and musicianship will undoubtedly carry this Gypsy and her talented krewe to exactly where they want to be.
Gypsy Elise bloomed to the beats of the standards of music rooted in blues, jazz, funk, and ballads. Pair a musical family upbringing with a vocal range to rival Jacob's Ladder and hear the sultry vocals inspiring a sensual and swampy fusion.
Gypsy has performed with, and been on the recordings of, some of music's most powerful performers. To include that list here, however, would be overwhelming to the reader. Suffice it to say, she is no stranger to the largest, finest, and most coveted stages of the world. Mostly though, Gypsy Elise prefers the more intimate settings that allow her to be up close and personal with her always en rapt audiences~

Original and Re-Originized Albums Recorded (all with radio airplay)
*Lonely Gypsy 2000 (all original)
*Redline - 2010 (all original)
*Music Box Watermelon - 2011 (all original)
*Said The Spider To The Fly - 2011 (all original)
*Bluer Than The Blues - 2011 (all original)
*Yule Love (holiday album) - 2011
*Forever Blue - 2011
*Cypress In Blues - 2012 (all original)
*Heart Of Cotton - 2013 (all original)
*Live on Bourbon Street, Disque 1, and Disque 2 - 2013
*Chomp - 2013
* All The Best - 2015
*Under The Cover of Night - 2015
*Experience - 2015
*ArchAngel - 2017
*Where There's Smoke - 2018