Bat Allison

Lynette Aleman is a song writer, vocalist and bassist for whom the spirit of music has always been a burning flame. She fell in love with singing at an early age staging family concerts and was trained in Opera in College. After years of being in the music scene as a spectator she decided to start her own original band and that is Bat Allison. With the help of her husband, a professional bassist as well, she picked up the bass and found her calling as both a bassist and songwriter. When not writing music or playing, Lynette is also a film producer, director and actor.

RJ Huston is a self-taught guitarist. He learned basic guitar by playing along with records when as a kid. He never felt confident enough to play in bands and had stage fright so never pursued music. A friend heard him play and convinced him to try out for a band. That was 4 years ago and he doesn’t want to stop! He has played with Highwire, The Steel Soldiers and filled in with Even In Death.

Grant Turner, also known as "Shades", was an aspiring jazz drummer working in his family's appliance store when he was asked to join the band "Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters". Due to recently breaking up with his girlfriend, Tina, he joined the newly formed band and hit the road. During their tour, the band met other acts, learned about the music business, and became better performers. Although, they were not immune to the hurdles the road will throw at traveling musicians. Their bassist falls for a member of a girl group, The Chantrellines, and eventually joins the Marines. The singer of the group quits after a dispute with their manager, Mr. White. After this incident, the band was no more. Grant returned home and continued to work in his garden until he received a call to join the punk rock band Bat Allison. There were a total of 42 drummers that were in consideration for the role, but due to Grant's incredible sense of humor, quick wit, and classic good looks he was chosen to be newest member of the band.