chilling and writing Agamas

Agamas is an Australian pop rock band from Melbourne formed in 2015. The band consist of vocalist Chloe Allworthy, guitarist Dino Losi and Drummer Tim Canterford. It all started by Dino and Tim, in 2014, mixing their different music influences, punk hardcore and alternative rock sounds
Chloe joined the band in 2016 adding a huge contribution with vocals melodies and full of meaning lyrics. Since then, Agamas has been writing rock songs that are part of their first album EP “ 3 on the floor “. During the 2018 Asian tour while in Cebu, they recorded the last single “ Static “ mastered by Chris Gehringer released in January 2019 that reached number 6 on Triple J unearthed chart.
The band made an appearance at channel 7 in 2018, while playing “mistaken identity acoustic” during a TV program featuring Chloe’s family story life.
In october 2018 and March 2019 Agamas performed 2 overseas tours in the philippines covering almost the entire country with more than 20 shows in different cities. During this period they have been guests of ABS-CBN and the 107.5 fm wish bus , where they performed a few of their song live and interviews.
From the 24th of October 2019 till the 27th of November 2019 , Agamas Travelled to Taiwan, Thailand and again back to the Philippines with a massive 26 shows music tour that had a great impact on followers.
The band included not only english songs in their set lists, but songs in Mandarin, Thai and Tagalog, leaving fans surprised all of a sudden.
Agamas completed the last 26 shows as a 4 piece band for the first time since when they formed where Jake Maxwell joined the band as a bass player.
This is the reason why they named the tour 'Kiss My Bass" a kind of joke directed to their fans often complaining cause the band didn't have a 4th member and a real bass on stage.