Truckin Coin Flip

Coin Flip was a name that Faith McCullough came up with. (Harley & David's sister.) It was a band that she was going to make with her brothers. Faith was tragically killed in 2014. After almost 3 years of Healing the boys finally started the band Coin Flip. They enjoy many things. David loves dinosaurs and Harley loves swords.

We want to network with you. If you are a band or just a music lover lets connect on our social media. We like to talk with others who share similar interest. You will notice our music goes all over the place, that is because we do not believe in being in a box. We do what we love because of what we love and not for monetary gain. We love people and that is our bottom line. :-)

Coin Flip is a fan Based Supported Band.

David McCullough 14 Yrs Old Lead Singer Bass Player/ Keyboard

Harley McCullough 16 Year Old Guitar & Back Up Vocals