Track 9 on AXOLOTL Loser Company

Loser Company as a band was formed in 2018 by Mas Kihira and Will Saunders. Lifelong friends originally from the metro-Detroit area, the two started playing music together at the age of 12 in the late 90s and they’re now in Los Angeles trying it one more time. Their history is full of potholes, but their belief is that only when you’ve lost almost everything that you’re truly free to do anything. Their music output is heavily influenced by 90s alternative rock and classic rock, but their individual inspirations and aspirations are very eclectic.

They believe in the universality of music and want theirs to be a uniting force in divisive times. Good music is sincere and thoughtful and that’s the type of music they set out to create. They recorded a string of singles in 2018 as they continued to get their feet on the ground. In the summer of 2019, they teamed up with producer Cole Bingham and audio engineer Thomas Rojo at the Pattern Recording Studio in West Adams, Los Angeles, to help bring to life their first EP, “Blueberry Skies”.

Now sidelined by the pandemic, sitting with the rest of the world, wondering what’s next, they have decided to keep going, even if it’s solely confined to the digital sphere for the time being. At the end of the day, they want the moroseness of their music to help people through the tough times, and let people know they’re not alone in their suffering, and serve as a positive force.

Everyone is on the same boat and no one is getting off alive. Realize this and be good to each other - or as they like to say, “Lose, with us”.