RScarlett Photography 2011 Opal Rose

Singer-Songwriter Opal Rose originated in NY and grew up in the greater Baltimore/DC area of MD. While Opal has roots in gospel, r&b, neo-soul, and jazz, she is constantly creating music in the realm between genres. Before relocating to New York, NY in 2015, Opal performed throughout the DC metropolitan area, the east coast, and in San Francisco, Ca. Opal Rose most recently released the “Kiss The Ring EP” in 2020. Her music will take you on a musical trip. Enjoy the ride.

“DC’s Opal Rose recently teamed up with Triple Threat to create a fantastic electro-RnB cover of the jazz classic “Strange Fruit” (on Brave New Breed Entertainment). The two are developing a sound they’re calling “Doom&B,” and the track is an epic journey. A run through jungle drums launches the vocal to flight over the canopy of rain forest instruments and insects. I get the impression Opal has emerged from some ancient haunted psychedelic pyramid. And I love the ending, hinting at a space launch, easing the listener into oblivion. Look for more from Opal and her collaborators in the coming months.” –Natan Press of The Deli Magazine