The Funky Rhino Gang of Thieves

Hoplite, LLC

Gang of Thieves is stealing back the spirit of American rock n roll!

The Burlington, Vermont based funky rock and roll band Gang of Thieves has been touring non stop up and down the east coast, bringing with them a whole new breed of funky rock and roll to audiences of all ages.

High energy and a good time is the hallmark of these Green Mountain rockers. Their original music is a stew of influences ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime to Rage Against the Machine and Led Zeppelin. The key to this universal appeal is the infectious sense of fun and showmanship, delivered with a hint of spiritual and political awareness.
The band has been working tirelessly on brand new music for their upcoming album, to be recorded and produced by Steve Jankowski (Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago). They will be playing tons of new materiel at all their upcoming shows, make sure to catch them in a city near you!

“Infectious grooves...These hard working, Burlington-based musicians entranced the audience with their high-energy onslaught of funk/rock tunes...an amazing show” - Cider Mag

“Thunderfunk shows the band to be a tightly coiled and well-oiled machine…”
Dan Bolles - 7Days

“You know how Funkadelic kind of specializes in baby-making music?...Well, Gang of Thieves dips into that groovin’ baby-making sound...without even thinking about it, you’re shaking whatever booty you got.” - Incognito Music Magazine