REBELS CROSS started as a combination of skilled musicians to create a unique new identity. During the late 90’s, the band performed several shows and small tours in New England, USA. The band had the opportunity to open for Extreme in Montreal. Extreme’s tour manager let the band use all their scenic apparatus’ and pyros so charismatic frontman SHAYMAN FRANCOIS could exploit the stage as he knows how to warm up a crowd.
In the previous months PASCAL LIBERTY won the Canadian guitarist rock award at musique-plus (the French version of Much Music / MTV)
The band’s melodic hooks and unique vocals are quite appealing to both gender and listeners of all ages. The lyrics are accessible to a wide audience and the band’s arrangements are really created in a way to open a door to a powerful theatrical live experience. The band’s 1st album was reviewed in many magazines throughout America and Europe. FOX METAL featured REBELS CROSS on their front page with SKIDROW and BON JOVI. Strong of hundreds of performances in the 90’s (house band at Quebec’s DAGOBERT night club and FOUFOUNE ÉLECTRIQUE in Montreal) and continuing into the new millennium, the band is making a huge comeback with its 3rd album FORTUNE TELLER 2019 / 2020
The band is prepared for touring. Opening for international rock artists in different size venues and headlining on its own.
Drummer Russel Labadie and Guitarist Ben Carr are new addition to the band strong co-writers and performers. These two combines years of experiences in studio and live performances. Their musician skills are above many professional recording artists. The REBELS CROSS team is ready to take on the world in 2020 and looking forward to share a business partnership with you and your team.
SHAYMAN FRANCOIS: vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, song writer, lyricist, sound engineer and producer
PASCAL LIBERTY: guitarist, song writer, back vocalist, video specialist
BEN CARR: guitarist, vocalist, song writer, webmaster, publicist
MARC GAUVIN: Bass & back vocalist
RUSSEL LABADIE: drums, percussions, video specialist

CONTACT: 1 514 577 0494