Monique De Haviland

Hi new friends-can't wait to meet you all! I am a Nevada girl with a vision. In today's exciting digital sound arena I want to keep the spirit of old-school recording experience alive in the process of musicians coming together to tap creativity .
It is about the human experience for me. So much of what we hear today feels robotic. We need more emotion and reality in music to bond us as humans and if we can bond my hope is that we can look to a happier world, and fight anger and negativity.

The roots of my soul and mixed heritage color my songs. I am grateful for the inspiration I have been gifted from those roots. My music has elements of 70's soul, rockabilly blues, Euro pop and old-school grooves with contemportray sounds and topics, harmonies, and messages.

I have written music since my teens living in Europe with American heritage. I co-wrote, arranged and performed music in collaborations with other artists under record labels: EMI Germany, ORF-Austria, RTV and Corona Slovenia, and Croatia Records. In the US have released 3 independent label albums under Mobandi Music.

I gained theoretical knowledge at the Berklee College of Music. In the beginnings as a young artist I was crutched and lead by producers and managers, surviving endless band rhetorics, afraid to "step up". I played a lot of gigs, and dabbled in many musical genre's in search of my own niche but only recently have I felt the inner strength to share what I have to say on my terms.

Today I am stepping up making my own mark as an artist, a producer, songwriter, arranger, and peace-maker. My collaborations today span between continents tapping mixing and mastering talent through the help of technology and transfers. But the initial recordings are real and authentic played by people, human mistakes and all!
Raw and real!

As far as my writing and production--I choose melodies and hooks that resonate with all and topics that can touch, motivate, or just make you dance. "She Cries" popped in my head over-night inspired by a conversation about our dying oceans, "When I am Done" helped me end of a painful period in life, "Evermore" every girls dream of "Hallmark Love" through the life span, "No Easy Way Out" about the struggles of getting ahead today"Put Some Muscle in It" about needing a good 'handyman', "50 Shades of You"...no need to explain this one(retro-disco by the way)...I have 20 others in the works right now stemming from my experiences, my views of the World.

If you like what you hear and want to collaborate, lets connect. You can hear and see much more footage on YouTube or on the web:
www.MozMotleyBluesband.com(bookings and show dates)

I hope you enjoyed my story and will share it across the Globe. Adio~


"may love guide your actions"