Faycez U Know is an American Soul and Funk band , from Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia,with the drive of the non stop D.C. Go Go swing, the showman ship of the Rolling Stones, and the versatility of a Parliament Party…
With musicians determined to provide the entertainment of the old school showstoppers, carrying the modern sound of music, you can bet your money, it’s going to be a good show honey. The Quintessential soul singer (Halima Peru,) hails from Miami Florida, and so does her raw sound, sunkissed voice and feet that roam the stage and the crowd. The sultry voiced male singer (Keenen 'KO' Ivor), delivers satisfaction faster than a speeding bullet, to support the grand sound of the Bass player (Doc Hughes) as he holds it down for the rhythm section, & Dave Gussum adding the powerful creative smooth guitar fire to the stage . Giving the beat something you can feel, is the phenomenal percussion section, lead by (Craig (Clip) Clipper and Quentin McNair), the dynamic keyboards of Anthony (Tom Tom) Talley and Dennis Garland JR
On a quest to constantly bring you the sound to make you move to the music, it’s no wonder they are growing so swiftly in popularity. The presentation will be just what the doctor ordered to sooth, and lift your spirits. After all, music is medicine for the soul, and they intend to medicate properly.