Thunder By The Bay Sarasota bike rally 2018 Diary Of An OZZman

DIARY OF AN OZZMAN is the ultimate tribute band to Ozzy Osbourne and Ozzy era Black Sabbath!
You have to be at a show to witness the likeness of the Ozzy impersonator! He stays in charachter even way after the show is over, you might really be fooled! With the modern Ozzy look, Craig nails all of Ozzy's current manerisms, and nails all the vocals live!
And the band is top notch. Guitarist Gary Schutt will wow you with his best Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee, Zakk Wylde, Brad Gillis, Toni Iommi and a little of his own firey style!
The band also doubles as a unique cover band and an original band, giving you the option to use local opening bands or this same band, saving set up and tear down time between sets! More band for you buck!