Andrew Landers & Mains…

Andrew Landers & Mainstreet Struggleville

Andrew Landers has spent 2 decades playing his narrative in the unsung Americana Folk genre, a colorful brainy singer songwriter who has shared the stage with a myriad of national artists such as…  BB King, The Black Crowes, Jen Chapin, Grace Potter, Gaelic Storm, REO Speedwagon, John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Tommy Emmanuel just to name an eclectic  few.
His music has been heard all over the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America. With 12 records to his name, he is the epitome of a modern day traveling corduroy storytelling troubadour changing the world one song at a time.            
Ed Rowell (Author & Speaker) "Andrew is not at all that hard to figure out. He's just a neo-hippy poet musing on theology and sociology from a post-modern perspective. He simply finds the sacred in the ordinary, the humor in the serious, and the tranquil in the noise that surrounds us all." 
His band Mainstreet Struggleville comes with world-class musicians that at any point invite themselves into ridiculous jams that expose the life-giving plethora of influences from jazz, grass-root blues, to good old fashion southern rock intensity! They testify musically to the chronicle Andrew pens with truthful emotion and impeccable spontaneity. 
Max Allen Collins (author of - Road To Perdition) "Andrew is the real deal - soulful, unpretentious storyteller who tells it from the heart. His music is as profound as it is entertaining."
 A live show is just flat medicinal and fun.  A magical musical collide of Shawn Mullins story writing style, Tommy Emmanuel’s acoustic  percussive guitar prowess, the soulful bluesy influence of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the jam bandy feel of Phish and the feel good vibe of Bob Marley.

“Andrew Landers is an Honest, American Treasure.” ~Cindy Teixeira (The Brown Bag Alley Blog)

“The best “story-telling” singer/songwriter in the PNW and a an odds-on-bet on a national level” ~Mark Gordon (CEO Seattle Wave Radio/Seattle Music)