TheYoginis Indian Jazz Project Delhi, India 2013 Yogi and the Yoginis

Featuring the compositions of pianist Yogi McCaw, the Yoginis incorporate Jazz, Samba, Indian modes, and Afro-Cuban Rhythms to deliver an authentic fusion of cultures.
Created by pianist Yogi McCaw drawing on his musical friends from around the world, the Yoginis explore new territory while respecting their roots.

The Yoginis recently debuted in Delhi, India as part of the "Evolution" series sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, India, and the well-known Kuchipudi Dance Academy. Appearing on the bill with the highly acclaimed Indian Fusion band Advaita and the carnatic husband-wife team of flautist Sri Raghuraman and vocalist Sudha the show garnered write-ups in The Indian Express and a photo feature in The Times of India.

The Yoginis have been featured on The Jazz Network Worldwide for their release Terra Shivaiya, a world album spanning several styles and integrating Indian classical with Jazz, as well as the Brazilian and Latin Jazz styles they are known for.

Reviewer Steve Getz (son of renowned saxophonist Stan Getz) said of the Yoginis Terra Shivaiya CD:
“Yogi has assembled a diverse and talented group of multi-cultural musicians, all in one superb recording… This is truly a one of a kind recording!”

The Song Basant Blue from the Terra Shivaiya album was chosen as a Finalist in the World Category of the World of Music Awards by the WOMEX organization.

The tracks recorded in India were chosen to be included in the soundtrack of the award-winning documentary Dalai Lama Renaissance, which played to sold-out audiences in film festivals around the world in 2008.

Derek Sivers, the founder of CD Baby, has saod "Yogi McCaw is the Best"

Editor Bruce Meier of Damngood Tunes Music 'Zine has said, "In my forty-plus years in the business, I have never seen an unsigned indie act of this caliber"

Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo, Music Director of KBCS radio, Bellevue WA:
"Delightful to listen to! Really beautiful!"

Jazz Network Worldwide Founder Jai Jai Jackson says:
“Yogi, your music is very innovative, it causes one to ‘really listen’ to what’s going on .”