Frazer Goodman

“Do you enjoy the smooth sounds of Jazz and Blues, ideal for background music whilst dining, dancing the night away at your next function, or just kicking back on a Sunday afternoon? Frazer Goodman is no stranger to the stage.
Among the most respected pianist jazz and blues singers in Queensland today, Frazer Goodman has delighted audiences and impressed critics with her warmth, grace, and natural ability to ‘feel’ and interpret the music. Inspired by the early jazz and blues greats such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holliday and with a love of the passion in gospel and blues music, his heartfelt renditions of jazz and blues standards convey subtle moods and tell a story as she sings. From a sultry ballad to a jumping swing, a Latin groove to a romping scat solo, every note is delivered with passion and grace and draws the audience into the story.

Frazer Goodman is a jazz and blues pianist vocalist who is truly a member of the band and plays off the musicians as they all share in the joy of discovery and creativity in their improvisation.Appeared many festivals regular at least several times broadbeach blues and jazz.

Based on the Gold Coast, he is a regular performer at festivals and jazz clubs and has performed nationwide with national and international jazz stars. As well as leading his own bands, writing, performing and recording music she is also actively involved in the jazz community organizing events. These experiences have contributed to her passion for life which comes through in her music.

More than the music, it is Frazer's smooth elegance, his warmth, and passion, his feeling, and heart that moves you and leaves its mark on your soul.

Singing a mixture of blues, ballads, popular songs, and jazz standards, Frazer Goodman is an elegant and sophisticated baritone known for his clear pronunciation and jazz styling. His name may not be as well known to the general public as it should be, but Frazer Goodman is nevertheless counted among the masters of jazz and blues singing; he has, in fact, earned the title “Goodman Blues.” His singing style, which he developed over a long and consistently successful career, contributed to his success.

Having honed his skills as a singer-songwriter/backing musician on the streets of Australia, he has been entertaining crowds upon crowds with his charming personality and smooth vocals, which have been described as “timeless and soulful, yet raw and energetic”.

His ear for melodic twists, and intuitive jazz blues soul inflections have led him on a songwriting journey since going solo in January 2011.
Elements of jazz, soul, reggae, blues roll effortlessly through the six-track album, united by genuine songcraft that celebrates love, beauty, and life’s most treasured moments. And at the heart of it all is that voice, Hammond organ, and keys – a smooth, sultry, and smoky blend evoking past greats such as Jimmy Smith, Ray Charles, Charles Brown
A very gifted professional Jazz & Blues singer entertainer and recording artiste. Equally adept at contemporary jazz as he is with straight-ahead jazz standards, Frazer is always pulling surprises during his performances.