R. Pickett Bugg / Press

"the innocents" is not only great… and totally musical, but… it is MOVING… the lonely violin… lovely… the piano… so beautiful… class in every sense of the word… your huge fan...

"da boi" derinho - RN

"A Jimmy Dream" you have captured the iconic mystic of Doors in this exquisite work Roland. Hats off to your inspired talent.

Chuck Brunicardi - RN

“Incredible repertoire of really well written and performed musical deletions that offer a wide opportunity across the spectrum of genres ( though primarily focused at a blues/ jazz audience) . The soundtrack potential of these songs is excellent! Nice job !!!!”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

“ Listening to the beautiful sounds of "Sustantivo" - This is a soft, smooth, and enchanting piece of work that leads you to close your eyes and let it take you wherever it goes. I'm gonna take that ride again now!! 7 LOVES!! ”

Seven Days - ReverbNation

“Enjoying your full set especially 'Pickett's Blues', have a great weekend :)”

Fiona MacMahon - ReverbNation

“Fantastic! I really like the versatility and the individuality of each song. Great job on the music, performance and production!”

Brimstone - ReverbNation

“Wishing you success and more success. Great fabulous songs to prove it right here especially 'Gabriel's Watching You''!!!!! U will be always on my listening list. Much love and peace ~ Fefe”

Fefe - ReverbNation

“ I really like it so much!! It´s very beautiful and makes one dream away, the sound is very special and clean. Like honey for my ears:) ”

Sabina Chantouria - ReverbNation