Roy Orbison / Press

“Roy Orbison was a great inspiration to me when I was growing up in music, He could do things with his voice that I could only dream of doing. His songs were masterpieces of constructions.”

Eric Clapton

“His voice was unearthly.”

Bruce Springsteen

“He had songs I will remember forever. He had style.”

Chuck Berry

“From watching Roy, I learned how to sing a dramatic ballad.”

Mick Jagger

“I've never been more moved by a voice than I have been by Roy Orbison... I loved his voice.”

Dolly Parton

“...but most of all I wanted to sing like Roy Orbison. Now, everybody knows that nobody sings like Roy Orbison.”

Bruce Springsteen

“I don't think people know how good of a guitar player Roy was. His timing would amaze me. He just hated to lay his guitar down.”

Sam Phillips

"What songs. What a man. What a voice."

"Roy Orbison was the only act that the Beatles didn’t want to follow."

Ringo Starr

"The greatest singer in the world."

Elvis Presley