Roy Gray / Press

“A great entertainer and a true gentleman.”

Vito Zapone - Manager / Doc Severenson's

“I'd go anywhere to hear him sing.”

Margaret Dunning - Fan Club Member

“The females in the audience can hardly contain themselves when Roy does his show. He is almost drowned out by the screaming.”

Inside Magazine

“I have only heard rave reviews of Roy's Performance.”

Lisa Lannoy - Program Director, Muscular Dystrophy Association

"Fresh, well-executed rock-a-billy with conviction"

John Taylor - Valley Music News

“His mother wasn't happy about Roy going into the entertainment field, afraid of bad influences. Roy, however is doing fine and makes a fine roll model for his fans.... He neither drinks or smokes and is strongly against drugs. During his touring, he frequently visits hospitals and entertains the children.”

Bobbi Jones - Carmichael Times