Roy Coston / Press

“ARDENT – Guilty As Charged:The Metalogy (1985~1987) – Retrospect has signed 4 bands that virtuoso guitarist Roy Coston was in. Retrospect is releasing this great female fronted NY-based band’s entire catalog all on one disc! 21 tracks of pure 80’s melodic hard rock / metal, including 4 songs produced by RAVEN’s John Gallagher and a whopping 12 songs previously unreleased in ANY format!! D.C. STRUT – Self titled (1989) – In 1989, ARDENT became DC Strut and we are also releasing their entire catalog on one disc! Includes 17 powerful melodic hard rock / metal songs, of which six are previously unreleased!! F.L.M. & LoveBone – After DC STRUT , guitarist Roy Coston went on to record with 2 other great hard rock bands with male singers: F.L.M. and LoveBone – we will be releasing all their material too.”