Royal Holland / Press

“And as Mooney continues to show his seemingly boundless range of talent, those fans should be giddy to hear what he comes up with on Royal Holland’s third EP, on which he and Olive are reportedly already working. Mooney’s one of Greater Cincinnati’s great, more underrated singer/songwriters, and as stellar as Flamingo is, it still feels like it’s only scratching the surface of what Mooney is capable of with Royal Holland.”

“With esoterically textured layering combined with cerebral folk-rock psychedelia and longing vocals, this is incredibly reminiscent of Father John Misty in its charm and authenticity. It’s both therapeutic and invigorating, a dramatically ruminating and dynamically sympathetic depiction of Royal Holland’s vision and devotion.”

“It is Royal Holland’s uniqueness that makes his 5-track EP such a fun and interesting musical work of art. In a world of comparisons, I found it hard to actually compare his music to anyone I’ve ever heard, which is a great thing.”

“Holland cuts through the sonic clutter with a razor-sharp acoustic guitar and purely superlative songwriting.”

“Cincinnati’s Royal Holland has the goods. In his latest effort, the short but incredible EP Volume One – The Maze, Holland is a must listen for fans of folk rock and modern music.”

“One of the best Rock lyricists in town.”

“Has a manifest talent for crafting memorable riffs.”

“There’s simply not a bad song among the bunch.”