Royal Foundlings / Press

“Amazing energy, One of the best Christian Rock Bands I have ever seen!!!”

Andrew Polson, Station Manager - Revival FM

“Exciting just doesn't cut it. It was pure, unadulterated fun!!!”

Review - Talking about Royal Foundlings Live

“I absolutely love everything about this band! The lyrics are strong, full of heart, inspirational, pointing perfectly up to Christ. The music is a beautiful mix of styles, blended together seamlessly. Christian rock that is intelligently written, taking inspiration first of all from GOD - edgy rock with a smart, original pop sense, and flourishes of classically inspired music woven perfectly into the arrangements. What's not to love? Praise GOD!”

“I'm loving your album, esp We Believe and We Are All Foundlings - the intro for it is amazing! You are now my 10 year old son's favourite band!”

Caroline Johnstone CEO - EAT-A-CD

“Their intense energy was so infectious... the lead singer was on fire... it was like watching Jack Black in "School of Rock" live... and their keyboard player was off-the-hook crazy.”

Fan - Blog

“Royal Foundlings are a great Christian rock band consisting of some very talented and experienced musicians. But what makes Royal Foundlings stand out from the crowd is not just the quality of their playing or their high-energy live performances but the message that their lyrics contain – which is just as important to them as a band as the music! Take a listen to this exciting new band and hear for yourself.”

Mike Maiment -CEO - Ministry of Music

“Thank you Lord for bringing Royal Foundlings to Portree. WoW! New level Guys. What an amazing night totally Awesome. Thanks Guys for blesssing our community. Haste Ye Back. To God be the glory!”

Fan Page comment

“Having heard Royal Foundlings live there is no doubting what these guys stand for and that is so refreshing in comparison to some other christian artists who seem to hide their light under a bushel. I highly recommend listening to Foundations and pray that this will be used in part to bring many people back to the foundations of their faith.”

Gary Wilson - Refresh Festival

“The enthusiasm, energy and passion for God that is portrayed by the up and coming Christian rock band, Royal Foundlings, is infectious. The love and creativity the band personally invests into their music can be felt by whoever listens to the sound they bring. The Royal Foundlings may be new on the scene, but are definitely worth the time of day to listening too.”

“listening to your cd for like the 8th time in a row, can't wait to see you all again :) X”

Morven Shankie (day after a gig) - Fan Page comment

“This four-piece group consists of some excellent musicians who sound tight as they slip in some stylish changes in tempo and clever solos. The guitar work is accomplished, This is a pleasing sound!!”

Mike Rimmer - Cross Rhythms FM

“It has to be said this Glasgow-based band are already making a name for themselves worldwide, what with entering into the top 10 of the MySpace world chart for Christian music alongside such artists as MercyMe and Toby Mac. Their debut 'Foundations' certainly has some impressive moments with "We Believe" standing beside anything put out by DC Talk or Toby Mac with its American-esque rap lyric. "I Am Blessed" is one of those tracks where it all comes together and works really well. "Eternal Life" is a lovely song that shows off Dave Brackenridge's voice to the full and "My Soul" has a great groove to it.”

“lovin the whole deal....keep it coming, in Jesus name!”

Evidence322 - ReverbNation

“Then the last band appeared on the stage and did their own performance. ROYAL FOUNDLINGS - that was the best end ever!!”

Mirka Kowalczyk - Uganda Missionary BLOG

“I love the album. I know Dave and he loves the Lord with every fibre of his being.”

“Amazing music guys, you are such a talented group! Great vocals and harmony, fantastic message. Keep up the brilliant work, you guys really rock! You are out of this world!”

“Our new album Foundations will be available for download from all major digital retailers from the 20th of Septemeber 2010. If you cant wait till then you can but a cd or mp3 album from our Reverb Nation Store”