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“‘not only is Sutherland brave, he’s also a man of impeccable taste and formidable musical ability.’ ‘…there was plenty to enjoy in the tribal vocals and galloping rhythms of the bata drummers, the treasure trove of exotic instruments on stage…’ ‘It’s (A Love Supreme) an offering of thanks by a recovered heroin addict and a reassessment of just how precious life is. Sutherland and the Enlightenment Ensemble understand that. Better still, they’re brave enough to play like it.’”

“‘…he (Rowland Sutherland) has had a crack at John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, one of the most revered albums in the history of jazz. Not only that, but he performed it in front of a sell-out Union Chapel crowd 50 years to the day since it was recorded at the Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey. In my book, that deserves respect. ‘”

“‘They say that fortune favours the brave, and right now in jazz circles they don’t come much braver than flautist Rowland Sutherland.’”

“Jazz breaking news: John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme re-envisioned for the Summer Solstice Flautist Rowland Sutherland’s inspired vision... Sutherland’s newly composed parts merged seamlessly with Coltrane’s four part work, introducing contemporary soundscapes and ascending lines that gave the flute, sax and bass clarinet top lines ample space to articulate the themes and develop soaring harmonies from this remarkable sound palette, proving just how missed Williamson and Sutherland have been from the contemporary scene. … the audience rapidly found themselves in the presence of a very special, deeply spiritual performance.”

Jon Newey - Jazzwise Magazine

“Enlightenment: …there have been surprisingly few attempts to really explore and experiment with Coltrane's inspired vision in its totality… Tonight's performance is to be one of the first to really attempt that. ...And as the first powerful wave of the full ensemble rises up to disturb the calm of this most peaceful setting, the respect for Coltrane's original work is clearly matched by the same kind of inquisitive search he pursued. …newly composed parts from Sutherland combine with the original themes to stunning effect. "”

"...a flautist with one of the nicest sounds in the business..."

Time Out

"especially impressive"




““Other highlights included Rowland Sutherland's jazz” Acromis International Flute Event 2011, Wales Millennium Centre”

““a force to be reckoned with...””


““Music of quality comes from this man””