Row Jones / Press

“Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone. The song is called Don’t Talk and it’s produced by Bboyspaz, a producer out of North Carolina. It’s a hip hop/R&B mixture with all the vocals done by me. This song has been out for a few months already and it’s getting a great response locally; now it’s time to spread it throughout the country and worldwide. It’s all original music, no samples or anything. The concept of the song is basically based on the idea that body language is the most prevalent thing when it comes to communication in relationships. Whether it’s your friend, family, or significant other. But of course, I’m talking strictly about a woman I’m dealing with. There’s just something about being able to know what someone is thinking or saying without them even talking. We all kind of speak sign language on the low. The song is on Reverbnation, Facebook, and Bandcamp. And will be on MySpace and YouTube very soon. ”

“Boston-based rhyme-lord Row Jones can literally just pick up some random crap on his desk and fashion it into a lyrical cruise-missile guided at the nearest sucka-MC. And when we say “literally,” we mean “this is something he has actually done and it is awesome.” His video, “Essential Tools,” starts with an off-the-cuff paean to how nifty it is to keep a bottle of Lysol handy and then somehow segues into a rather convincing argument regarding his superior vocabulariosity. Catch this hip-hop MacGuyver along with the rest of his crew, over at Good Life. Try to avoid being told, if you can.”

“Not only is Lilah a phenomenal performer, she has a big heart. Taking the time from her busy schedule at school which is her number one priority she attends an award ceremony that was given at the Italian Childrens Home. During this event the children gathered, and were awarded certificates for their achievements. Lilah and other special guest performers Row Jones featuring Moraima, and Geneieve were ready to entertain the children for the evening. As we were leaving the Italian Childrens Home she said "One day when I'm rich and famous". "I'm going to make sure I come back to my city, and do something big for all of the kids". Lilahs love for music will never end it will continue to grow each and everyday, because performing is what she loves. She will continue to perfect her art as she climbs her way to the top! For those of you who like to follow Lilah on her musical journey, and more information on her upcoming events go to: http://www.reverbnation.com/lilah. ”

“This Saturday is a THANKSGIVING WEEKEND CELEBRATION!!!! Row Jones and James Casey lead a night of Jazz/Hip Hop and SOUL @ MODERN....All live bands performing old school/new school Hip Hop and Jazz. If you have never been to MODERN come this weekend and check it out... Revive Da Live represents a instrumental twist on Jazz and Hip Hop with many special artist and performers. Revive Da Live promotes talented musicians and bands in the purpose of reviving live music to a larger audience... ”