Rowdy Shadehouse / Press

“If art is alive it inspires. It incites the imagination, encourages self-expression, transforms mundane into magic, and in the case of Rowdy Shadehouse it arouses all of the above, smacks you in the ass and gets you dancing. Rowdy Shadehouse is both an amazing Denver based funk rock explosion and an attitude. Their music taps into an innate wildness where some primal part of the body wants to simply feel good, be free and share that sensation with others. Singer Jon Thursday not only embodies this mindset, he exudes it as if his aura is an aphrodisiac. He’s a natural born front man who resembles Anthony Kiedis, resonates Iggy Pop’s full-frontal energy and acts as if he was conceived to Parliament Funk and spawned at a Kiss concert. He’s backed by a band of equally epic and enthralling musicians that include: Ryan Chips on the saxophone, Mason Shelmire on the bass, Perry Abbott on the drums, and Weeze on guitar. Together they are a musical force to be reckoned with”

“Upslope Brewery in Boulder had a little party on Saturday - ten hours of music/beer/food/good vibes, and while I was a little tardy to said beer party, I was able to catch most of Rowdy Shadehouse's set at the end of the night and boy oh boy was I into what those funksters were dishing out. Bawdy, turid, ass-shaking funkadelica that was as face meltingly rad as it was ball bouncingly danceable - these guys were spot-funking-on.”

“Rowdy Shadehouse is something new and different, bringing older but classical melodies into a convergence with original material that is designed to make you groove. And boy, do those tunes get the job done. The heavy beats of their drums and bass quickly set a tempo that will have you stomping and clapping along. Their silky smooth guitar riffs flow into one another and blend to create those soulful vibes the Funk community is accustomed to. Then come the trumpets, tooting like horns of victory announcing the return of a king. Surely these men feel like conquering heroes when performing before their fans. But the aim of Rowdy Shadehouse is to bring those funkadelic feelings and atmosphere to the people they love most: their fans. The men of Rowdy Shadehouse had this to say on the matter: “We at the Shadehouse believe that it isn’t always about the art, or the money or the chicks. But, mainly it’s about letting go, and having fun with the music. So grab the person to the right o”

“West Words Critiques Choice We've all seen guys who play funk with a high level of technical proficiency but then end up making music that comes off as listless. But Rowdy Shadehouse (due at Lost Lake on Friday, February 14) actually lives up to its outlandish name. With this band, you end up being part of the show whether you like it or not. Frontman Jon Thursday is an intensely enthusiastic, confrontational and even transgressive figure whose visceral performance is matched by the rest of the band. Chances are these guys listened to a lot of the real thing, saw some of it, and also saw enough of the bogus variety of funk to conceive an act that puts out the exact opposite. Rowdy Shadehouse is definitely a party band, but one whose energetic performances are refreshingly startling. — By Tom Murphy”

“Best band to bring in the new year with? No questions, it’s Rowdy Shadehouse baby, the best Denver funk band! If your sexed up on NYE like most people (at least like me) this band gets your groove going. Slamming, dancing, drinking, kissing, fu…. okay, you get the idea. They were thrashing Mezcal on East Colfax. It was a beautiful thing because I was able to walk from my house, get shnazzed and eventually… walk back home. Did I mention the people? They were beautiful too. Rowdy made us that way. Losing all inhibition, trying things we’d never do otherwise – who gives a damn about tomorrow? Party on, Rowdy fans. And if you missed it, shame on you.”

“Picture a crowded bar somewhere in Denver. Its late evening, and the atmosphere subdued. There's a few couples nestled in the booths, and of course, the token regulars posted up at the bar, chatting up the bartender. "So, who's the band tonight?" Asks a patron. He gestures to the group of young men setting up on the stage. The barender looks up. "Rowdy Shadehouse. Funk music i think." The patron nods to himself. "Hope they're good." A few minutes pass, with only the hum of conversation in the air,and then suddenly, WE ARE THE ROWDY SHADEHOUSE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMIN' OUT TO SEE US TONIGHT. WE HOPE YOU BROUGHT YOUR DANCE SHOES , BUT IF YOU DIDN'T, THEY SELL THEM BY THE LITER AT THE BAR! And the music begins. At first its just the bass and drums, a foot stomping, driving beat. Then the guitar comes in, stocatto and feirce. Finally the trumpet; adding an accent here and there. With a scream, the lead man”

“Warming up the crowd for P-Nuckle was the Rowdy Shadehouse funk band. With bass-fueled transition changes and the funkiest guitar riffs ever to come out of Denver, the Rowdy Shadehouse provided an intense change from the reggae-dominated riffs that the rest of the evening featured. Every girl in the crowd went crazy at the sight of singer Jon Thursday’s skin tight pants and bright, sparkling belt. Going out to see live music is often an unpredictable experience, and every once in a while music fans are fortunate enough to witness an act that leaves you completely speechless and desperate for more. The Rowdy Shadehouse is the definition of that act. An almost disco beat was present, so much so that to not dance felt like a sin nearly as evil as Thursday’s belt, leaving the ladies in the crowd screaming “fill it up again.” ”

“I saw these guys on my college campus a while back and they are pure fun– Raunchy lyrics, serious talent… I felt like I was in a time warp back to the 1970′s when I heard them play and I seriously couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. These guys are going to be playing a whole mess of shows coming up really soon… So pick a venue, any venue”

“Voted Best Local Band”