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“Cochise County’s very own Rowdy Johnson Band is one of four groups from across the nation selected for an upcoming TV series, “The Real Life of a Country Music Entertainer.” Nashville TV was in Cochise County earlier this month to film the band’s live performance at the Western Junction Bar and Grill in McNeal, RJB’s brand of independent music is played throughout the Phoenix area, parts of Tucson, Texas and in most states across the country. Between local performances, the group has opened or played with the likes of Trace Adkins, Charlie Daniels, Grand Funk Railroad, Jackyl, Steppenwolf, Ray Scott, Bill Don Burns, and more. Rowdy’s songs are reminiscent of country music’s classic outlaws.”

“TOMBSTONE — From the moment they take the stage, the Rowdy Johnson Band is all about the crowd. Known for delivering high-energy live shows, the band belts out songs composed by lead singer and songwriter Rowdy Johnson, while feeding off the fans and playing to the audience. At a time when Nashville’s stars have gone pop, Rowdy’s songs are reminiscent of country music’s old, classic outlaws. A prolific songwriter, he takes life’s experiences, both good and bad, and weaves lyrics into soulful creations that replicate such country music icons as Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Hank Williams Jr. and Charlie Daniels, preferring their traditional style over the contemporary superstars that dominate today’s airwaves.”

“TOMBSTONE — Step aside Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury, there’s a whole new brand of outlaw in town. The Rowdy Johnson Band, a five-piece group that frequents different venues in the “Town Too Tough to Die,” has found its niche in Tombstone. The band, with lead singer/songwriter Rowdy Johnson, gets its inspiration from such country music outlaws as Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels and Hank Williams Jr. “I’m known for pushing the envelope when it comes to what Nashville is looking for in today’s country music,” said Rowdy. Rowdy says his band represents “the voice of the people” when it comes to traditional country fans with true country roots. “I’ve actually had people tell me that I’m ‘too country’ and that outlaw-style music is a thing of the past,” he said. “When I write a song, I want you to hear my story. I want that song to move you. And that’s what my songs do.””

“On May 28th, 2011, The Rowdy Johnson Band was in town bringing their brand of Outlaw Country Music to the Dragoon Saloon. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by what the Rowdy Johnson Band brought to the table. If I was looking for a gun fight, RJB was clearly packing double barrel shotguns. Loud, proud and most definitely REAL. No glitz and glamor here, just pure original songwriting and a front-man with more passion than I've seen in a long time. It reminded me of legendary performances by the late, great Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. I asked some of the fans in attendance what makes RJB special and without missing a beat I heard "Nashville ain't got nothing on these boys", "Rowdy sings from his heart" and "I think Waylon and Hank Jr would be proud". Some of them I couldn't print but it was overwhelmingly clear that RJB is clearly the peoples champ the way that Waylon & Willie were back in their day. What an evening. ”

"I can't wait for Rowdy Johnson's new CD. I've already added his three song EP to my Playlist. With a strong voice, strong songs, and a strong presence, Rowdy carries the fire and energy as well as the heart and soul of REAL country music. He has something truly special." -,

Brigitte London - Highwaywoman Radio Show (Internationally Syndicated Program).

"Take Rowdy Johnson. Here's an electrifying Artist who epitomizes Outlaw. Johnson delivers his brand of Country Music with straight-ahead, impassioned storytelling and powerful, energetic vocals that intrinsically command the listener to emotionally engage. In other words, he kicks some serious ass." ,

Richard Diehn - Outlaw Magazine

“I finished the mastering on your song "Haunted Guitar" today and I am really looking forward to working with you guys and hearing the rest of your work. I can honestly say I was impressed with that song. I hear thousands of new songs every year and it is at the top of a pretty short list. You guys are going to do really well if you keep producing great songs like I have heard so far. Andy Bartow - Black Dog Mastering Studio - Tampa Florida ”

“ "If ever there was a band that embodied the truest sense of what it means to live free and ride hard, it's the Rowdy Johnson Band. They bring it every time we see them and leave it all on the stage. These guys are for real and SAHR MC loves the RJB!!!" Suzi-Q Brackhahn Treasurer & Run Coordinator ”

Sizie Brackhahn - SAHR Monthly Magazine