Roughhausen / Press

“Roughhausen vocals are friendly like a rottweiler...”

“This album hits you like a tidal wave, leaving a sweaty pulsating body in its wake.”

“Of the song “eMotion Sickness,” Roughhausen’s blistering, creeping SirCut Bent mix is notable for the eerie modulations in the voice and the samples, the arrangements a chaotic jumble of perturbed ambience that is not dissimilar to a Too Dark Park-era Skinny Puppy.”

“Stoddard and his remixing cohorts have come to demolish your preconceived notions about what modern electro music can be! They deliver an almost controlled ‘insanity.’”

“Love this from start to finish”

“Edgy, interesting and full of passion it literally taunts with each festering groove and tormenting melody...”

"powerful, hybrid of Electro-Industrial Punk Rock, a damn fine band just hitting it's stride with a lot more to come."

"... thanks for not being a bunch of douches ..."

"HOLYFUCKINGWOWTHATWASAWESOME!!!!! they go from a laid back groove into some crazy hard hitting shit to experimental crazy-ness "


"hybrid of rock, metal, punk, electronic, goth, EBM, and industrial. What is most noticeable about their sound is the sleazy, tongue-in-cheek nature of their delivery"

"Sounds like Rammstein had a threesome with Ministry & NIN and birthed these twisted bastards. Awesome."

"extraordinary production, an intelligent and creative mix of styles, ROUGHHAUSEN is synonymous with artistic innovation within the international electronic music scene. It is clear that Jeff Stoddard loves to break musical barriers and limits..."

“Roughhausen and S.O.E joining up to play Cro-Mags 'Hard Times' tonight was fucking amazing”

"refined, intense, almost frenzied with apocalyptic tones and devastating beatwork"

"ROUGHHAUSEN offer a low and scabby, sickly fluid remix, a magnificent work of Art."

"a stomping power assault with heavy electronics and great rhythms, they have something..."

“[Sic] Fuck” immediately swings into your ears...tempting because of the gritty and layered sound..."”

“‘[sic] fuk’ is filthy,seedily entwined around a cheekily bubbling mixture of undulating electronics that swarms over you like an overflowing bath of poisoned champagne...”

"a very 'nice' gift for the person or the ex, you do not want to 'stay friends with'."

"Someone's Got to Pay its a fucking funky electro gang rape of an ep!"

" Agony LP deliciously deep synthed out...creepy hymns... an excellent multilayer-ed illustration of industrial music."

"Roughhausen... Wow I absolutely Love it...like the unholy stepchild of FLA and Skinny Puppy"

"The EP Someone's It's nice to hear someone just hitting it from a different angle, Roughhausen is hard fast and heavy"

"full throttle...brisk breakbeats...Overall, a solid performance."

"a powerful industrial-rock style...cool electronic sounds and EBM bass lines..."

"lacks real inspiration and originality... a sterile ragbag of harsh sounds and quotations."

" insane vibrant and passionate...uncompromising and vigorous. Hard beat at its finest"

"This EP [sic] fuk, is poisonous rhythmic, catchy and groovy...fascinating and so exquisitely disturbing"

"a short bare-knuckle brawl of EBM and industrial... a rowdy album... a musical equivalent to a kick in the teeth."

“ROUGHHAUSEN delivered a grinding performance that was both a fast and furious take on industrial rock.”

"a slithering, poisonous sound, impeccably produced, the kind of thing happening the whole world over, but very few I have heard have the surgical diligence and awareness to ensure there’s a real power there

"big fuckin deal you suck! i make better noises with my asshole after a night of drinking cheap draft beer"

"13 tracks of well produced structured-chaos... playful and furious, an exemplary offering, reminiscent of his previous works and older heavier KMFDM."

"sounds of chain saws and crushing iron. The CD is full of enormous compositions and the production skills of Stoddard."

"your music...is like the intestines of a virgin who hardly cleans down there, or like a dude that has never had sex in the butt and then he tries to clean his butt with kleenex after he pinches a dookie..."

"The Agony OF The Beat “is produced fat,"

"a good mix of drumbeats, synth layers and an interesting ambient/dub influence, a wall of sound, great skills as a song builder"

"the CD is not absolutely unforgettable and will not end up in my playlist of year, but it is very interesting and original in a genre that is lacking both."

"he is not handsome enough!"

"The Agony OF The Beat “is a synthetic Satan's roast which tears entrails from the body! We are sure it will conquer the industrial world by storm"

"complex, massive, crafty demonic, violent aesthetics people and machines collide."

“Roughhausen’s music is truly something to hear; a fusion of everything electronic from the past and the present with punky riffs and all combined with live drumming, guitars and psychosis" ”

Fernan Soria - The Pinoy Today Newspaper [Philippines]

"Electronic and really fierce!!"

"One must be occupied with it, The Agony OF The Beat “develops an unbelievably oppressing and dark atmosphere, a real ingenious work full of energy, rage and Düsternis"

"a must for the modern EBM aestheticist...pounding and merciless...The agony of the beat is in fact Aggro-electro revisited, reloaded and improved!"

"This isn’t another headless industrial production - this is Absolutely breathtaking music mixed with an energy that can’t be described in words. It’s been years since I’ve herd such a fantastic and powerful industrial album. "

"Public acts of stupidity does not equal art. He should be arrested for his crimes against art!"

"l'album est un gros mélange et surtout le son fait frémir les enceintes"

"cleverly constructed, angst-riddled..."

“Not many times in life I can say that a hammer made me shake my ass, ...Roughhausen me laisse un comm. c'est énorme !”

"dark powerful and piercing everything this kind of music should be"

"Dark, angry, and riddled with grooves, futuristic atmospheres, noise, and pounding dance floor rhythms"

"Canadian industrial rock and roll, dark, dirty, scary "

"a healthy dose of hard and heavy electrocore"

"Which song is best? This is a tough one! I love them all"

"Integrity, warmth, sharp, blindingly angry yet somehow familiar.."

"'The Agony Of The Beat' -amazing!!! "

"Hard & Heavy, a profound vocal force exposing violence entwined with bass and beats! Excellent!"

"very outstanding music and ghostly images, watch Roughhausen, powerful!"

"astonished by the industrial-house music perfectly integrated into the circuits of raging powernoize and sound, Amazing record start to finish"

"What can I say wow amazing production!"

“Electronic styles like Aphex Twin, but Meaner and angrier!”

"you are a loser faggot I hope you die!"

"integrity, outstanding productive abilities, original and fascinating!"

"The Agony of the beat' is the best album I have heard in a long time ! Buy it and you will not be disappointed! It is the real deal."

"professionalism throughout as good as it gets!"

e.g.: - Memoirs

"Hard & Heavy Electro sound! sharpness, heavy bass, guitar… angry and danceable!!"

"Excellent album! sharp futuristic Sound and harsh military beats! sincere vocals Really great!"

"Occasionally, little wonders slip through the cracks and escape the notice of record labels. Roughhausen's "Agony of the Beat" is such a specimen - varied, dynamic, danceable and eminently listenable, all rolled into one, this release is truly a reviewer's joy. "

"Forceful, urgent, and loaded with meaning"

"dense and sharp, pierced by cybernetic apocalypse and North American psychosis"

"complex writing, a heavy electronic storm, irresistible electronic sounds, It's dark, bombastic and definitely electronic!"

"devastating! uber-groovy! dosed to perfection, skillfully distorted and harsh, intricate rhythms, Roughhausen is a skillful composer that cannot be ignored!"

“Roughhausen did not manage to deliver a very impressive album, it misses highly accessible songwriting,and solid production."”

"Does it impress? Very! it is interesting that this “gray cardinal” discovered himself.

"apokalyptic mixes, hard Beats, distorted Vocals and strong guitars...Rughhausen possesses self-sufficiency and variety"

"Roughhausen takes us here on an extremely interesting journey by the most diverse electronic baubles! Diverse, passionate and edgy."