Rossonian / Press

"Garuda," the first song on Rossonian 's self-titled debut, sounds at first as though inter-dimentional aliens have taken over Steely Dan, but less than a minute in, the song shifts into syncopated, hazy pop akin to that of MGMT..."

“Denver band Rossonian is brave enough not to ignore R&B and give it an electro-rock makeover, similar to what Daptone does for soul. Don’t misunderstand: Rossonian doesn’t wear the R&B badge on its sleeve. They’re a rock band with distorted guitar solos and chunky riffs, but all the while a warm electric piano warbles in the background, giving it a Steely Dan-ness. And the vocals and melodies, in a different life, could be sung by Sister Sledge. It’s music that respects ’70s R&B without being “American Idol” schlock.”

“If it had to be classified, I would put it in the indie rock category, with an astericks noting the pushing of the envelope in numerous directions.”

“Rossonian is a vista of careening, wooden harmonies. Soulful and danceable, Rossonian moves back to different fulcrum points in American music, touching each of their lights with a fresh compositional and textural pulse. And while they are playing in ancient cathedrals - this authentic kind of echo can often times play louder than what the tunnels of our past have gifted us. Walking backwards into the future we always are, with one eye over our shoulder - Rossonian is a sound engagement with our histories, whilst moving forward - away from the sepia light, toward the sun.”

Jonathan Bitz - Syntax Denver