Rosey / Press

“Her presence is electrifying”

Dance Music Authority

"Love" might be one of this summer's chillout anthems.


“Combining urban beats and electronic accents with a swirling touch of blues, alt rock and low-down sass, Rosey serves up a heady musical potion.”


“Folk never looked this sexy. Rosey's expert melding of dance beats and hippie dippiness adds up to a debut slick with beatnik cool.”


“Blending hip-hop, folk, funk and world music, Rosey gives birth to a distinctive sonic melange.”

Elle Magazine

“Boho chic, grrrl power. A vibrant new artist bursting with individuality.”

“A handful of tunes on this one-named wonder's debut Dirty Child are as cool as anything you'll hear this summer.”

"It's A Ruse" makes you feel like there should a spy thriller playing in front of you like a good James Bond classic. Other tracks that suck you into this passion play are "Love," "My Love," and the title track "Luckiest Girl."

“I'm listening to her album for the ninth time, and it's great music. Perfect for a jazz club where posh urbanites sip martinis in trench coats and top hats, it's also the idyllic mood setter for a lazy Saturday afternoon”

“unifying listeners of different cultures, beliefs and aesthetics with an irresistibly seductive sound.”

“a seductive mix of music meant to heal the human spirit”

“This voiced architect envisions jazz as her destiny, with its many attitudes and arrangements yet cultivates the genre with her unsullied proficiency. Ladies and gentlemen its time you met... Rosey!”