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"Roseanna Vitro is a "singer's singer...she is excellent and still warranting much more attention." Her deep and precise alto is perfectly tuned and balanced..But Vitro's skill set does not stop at vocal prowess. She is also a crack arranger, programmer and music journalist. That is a wealth of grace and talent from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Vitro's projects are also well-considered and assembled...In 1997, Vitro released the gutsy Catching Some Rays: The Music of Ray Charles (Telarc, 1997) with the support of frequent collaborator pianst Kenny Werner and tenor saxophonist David "Fathead" Newman. "Vitro sings squarely from between Ella Fitzgerald and Betty Carter. Her scat chops are the most certain of any singer expelling air today. Even a bit of her home-state twang may be detected in the bluesy "Swingin' with the Duke," providing this writer a warm spot in this approaching Autumn. Honor Roseanna Vitro.

"Vitro sings with flawless intonation, pitch-perfect flowing lines and the ability to make the meaning of a song's lyrics resonate. She exudes plenty of soul and exuberant delight in the storytelling elements of every song she sings." Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant

"Roseanna Vitro is a toast to vocal improvisation: bringing popular, or not so obvious tunes, into the jazz celebration with no limitations, nourished by growing up in Arkansas in a family of gospel shouters who also dug opera and Frank Sinatra. This spirit has taken Vitro to stages around the globe alongside Kenny Barron, Oscar Peterson and Lionel Hampton. Live Recordings at The Kennedy Center, studio tributes to Bill Evans and Ray Charles, and a salute to Brazil show Vitro's passion dance. "The Music of Randy Newman" (Motéma) brought a Grammy Nomination and you'll hear why as Vitro sings with Sara Caswell on violin, Dean Johnson bassist, Tim Horner drummer and Mark Soskin, pianist and arranger on ...new Clare Fischer arrangements. "

"DOWNBEAT -August – 2011 * * * * 1/2 Roseanna Vitro — The Music of Randy Newman — Motéma Music When one considers songwriters whose canons might be interpreted by jazz singers, Randy Newman is quite the dark horse. His appeal is not in intriguing chord changes, harmonic possibilities or a rich melodic approach, but in a distinctive lyrical content. By turns witty, melancholy, ironic, satirical or sardonic–Newman is a wry observer of American life. The simplicity with which he tells stories –stating little and implicating more –marks him as a practicing master of musical Americana. Singer Roseanna Vitro has her way with ten Newman originals, from his Warner Brothers period to the present. (He had a lengthy track record as an eclectic songsmith before he recorded in 1970.) She’s a passionate, expressive singer whose emotional streak never overrides her musicality. Nor do her musical flights interfere with the story of a song. “Sail Away”– a " - Kirk Silsbee, Downbeat

Kirk Silsbee - Downbeat Magazine

“The Music of Randy Newman - Roseanna Vitro Roseanna Vitro's silky smooth mezzo voice shines in every song on The Music of Randy Newman. From her sultry low end to her belting high notes, her delivery is right on time. Even more impressive, her 'scat' vocalizing is as perfect as any instrumental solo on the album, such as the piano and violin work on “Last Night I Had a Dream.” She's a great jazz singer who brings a lot of heart to her craft. She's not alone on this album, though. Her marvelous vocalizing is supported by some really fantastic (and fearless) jazzy arrangements. The instrumentalists take an almost experimental course with some of the music. It's all very tasteful and acoustic, as you would expect with a band backing a jazz vocalist, yet there are elements that bring to mind progressive rock with its adventurous nature. Let's take “Sail Away” as an example. The song begins with a very unconventional series of chord change”

“ “Roseanna Vitro “The Randy Newman Project” Vitro, always a fascinating jazz singer, expands her horizons with her new CD, in which she explores the far-ranging, emotionally diverse musical catalog of Randy Newman. It’s a remarkable album, and the live performance of its selections should make for a compelling musical evening. ” The International Music Review – Don Heckman”

““This Washington performance is full of vitality and risk, yet avoids falling into the trap of jumping through hoops. With the pianist Kenny Werner leading a thoroughbred trio, the high point is a searching version of Randy Newman’s “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today.” Vitro isn’t the first jazz singer to be tempted by it, but this is the definitive version. The Times of London – Clive Davis – 02/06”

Clive Davis - The Times of London

““Vitro is a real Jazz singer in the tradition of Ella Fitzgerald. She understands the tradition of “scat’, (her scat-improvisation reminds me of Clark Terry and Leon Thomas). But she never looses sight of the sense and content of her songs. Stephen Richter, Fono Forum – Germany – 5 stars – 2006”

Stephen Richter - Fono Forum

“” With her silken yet powerful pipes, Vitro ignites titles such as “ Half Moon, “ Jon Hendrick’s “ Blue” and Mose Allison’s “Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy” …(with) Vitro’s scorched- earth readings…(these) rise to the level of widescreen classics. Ken Micallef Downbeat 2008”

Ken Micallef - Downbeat