Roscoe P and Coal Train / Press

“A band called Roscoe P and Coal Train plays “Tennessee Girl” and the exhilarating tonic of knee-slapping banjo and spine-tingling fiddle feels like a life-affirming escape from the stressful doldrums of the Beltway. Some might say that there is nothing left to discover in an American landscape that seems to grow more homogenous by the day. But on The Crooked Road, Southwest Virginia’s 253- mile heritage music trail, a glorious slice of Americana stubbornly endures in a place defined by its music. After the show, I ask Russ Harbaugh, Roscoe P’s fiddle player what he likes about playing at Floyds. “We’re making tens of dollars playing for tens of people, but it doesn’t matter,” says Harbaugh, 57, a heating and A/C repair person and amateur fiddle player. “This music has been part of our social fabric for so long; it’s just a big part of who we are.” ”

“OUR LAST REGULAR PERFORMANCE OF THE 2012 SEASON Posted on July 23, 2012 by admin Roscoe P and Coaltrain were a fitting tribute to our closing performance of the season. They kept our new dancefloor pretty full and entertained all with their country humor. We hope to have them back next year. ”

“Oak Grove Pavilion closed out its 2012 summer music series Saturday night with a rousing performance of traditional music by Roscoe P and Coal Train, a Roanoke Valley-based string band. ”