Rosanna Marcel / Press

“Excellent songwriting Rosanna ;)You have a very strong voice. It's not too hard to see why you are #25 on the USA Country Charts. Keep up the good work and best of luck. Your next stop might just be to Nashville !”

FOXMAN - Reverbnation

“Great video for "Coffee in the morning." I love it when country forgets to be country and starts to be rock 'n' roll! Your voice has just the right amount of attitude! Keep it up!”

Mighty Ferg - Reverbnation

“ Rick Frost: "Coffee in The Morning" made me dance - and I don't dance! Rosanna Marcel is a remarkable talent. Great songs , with excellent musicians, standing behind this powerhouse vocalist - who could , I believe , sing anything an make it sound great.”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“Excellent and un-expected. Look out Miranda - this one has class! ”

Joesf Glaude - Reverbnation

“...Hi Rosanna, I´m no "expert" in country music ( if any music at all) but in my ears this is world class, both voice and music . If you don´t have a hole bundle of major labels waving with fat contracts out side your door pretty soon , they must be both deaf and blind, and should not be in this business at all . It´s not bad to have the upcoming no 1 country queen as a fan , thank´s a lot !..”

Denne - Reverbnation

"Stupid Words" is one of the most beautiful records we've heard in Reverbnation. Perfect track 4real. Awesome.

864 - Reverbnation

“...your material was quite impressive. You did make our "Honorable Mention" placement as listed at: http://www.songoftheyear.com/winners/2009/runners/may/homay.htm ”

““I'm a villainess who ends up being good in the end,” Marcel said. “What makes it so great for me is the music. I love music from the ‘50s and ‘60s era. I know the audience will have a blast with this play.” ”