Rory Sullivan / Press

““Out Of Here….. fabulous!!! I certainly was inspired by your music.””

T - Bone Wolk - (Hall and Oates, Elvis Costello)

““Rory Sullivan has an effortlessly smooth and comforting voice, backed by the natural warmth of a finger picked acoustic steel string, steeped in the swampy roots of where traditional Americana mixes with contemporary.””

"Lush guitar harmonies, beautiful lyrics, and powerful singing had everyone in the room hypnotized."

"Rory Sullivan is the real deal. If the music industry were solely based upon talent, Rory would be a household name so do yourself a favor and discover him."

““With brilliant songwriting, the guitar skills of a soloist, and a voice as big as a house, Rory is one of the most impressive young singer/songwriters I've heard in a long time.””

““An impressive and enjoyable song performed by an emerging master songwriter” (Rory's song Out Of Here) ”

“Excellent song that reminds me of what a young James Taylor might be doing if he was starting out today and had more energy.” (Rory's song Out Of Here)”