Rorey Carroll / Press

"she's a poet. the real thing, easily up there with the best of her generation she blew me away.. and all the crowds too." -Todd Snider

Todd Snider - freaky lake

““Rorey is as humble and straight forward as her music. "authentic" That is exactly the word I would use as well. She was a delight to see and meet. She is, I think, a very talented singer-songwriter.””

Mike Bonds, Martin Guitars

““Rorey Carroll is known for her soulful lyrics and unmistakable gentle voice, but also for an independent spirit that has taken her all over the country and back. At a relatively young age, Carroll has collected a mountain of stories to share, and strikes a luminous chord through her poetry. Carroll’s ability to wrap her arms around an audience as if they were friends around a campfire, offers a fantastical experience as she tells the tales of her life on the road, of love lost and found, and the characters she’s met along the way. Carroll has attracted the attention of the music industry by her onstage performances at numerous festivals and notable venues.”

-Kat Publicity- Press Release

““From beginning to end, Rorey's music sweetly takes you on journeys with her heart and soul as guides. Rorey's guitar sings along with her and responds to her touch with the intimacy of one lover to another. The other musicians on the album are all established virtuosos on their instruments and carry Rorey's songs aloft as they generously flow into and through the listener. The songs are all original. That is proof that hers is an old soul that has come to share itself with us. Rorey is the real deal!””

Phil Collins

“Rorey's voice is honey-flavored purity. Gorgeous songs that are simple in their complexity and perfectly spiced by her unique picking style.”

Andrea Lee, Mountain Xpress