Ropetree / Press

“Catch them once live and you’ll know what the words “AWESOME LIVE BAND” MEAN! Make no mistake this band brings a vibe and a raw intensity with a coolness factor that is rare on the scene! TOTALLY PRO! I doubt you will find a tighter LIVE act than Ropetree. They are non-apologetic about their music and their non-pretentious music is even better in a live setting. One of the first times I saw a live indie act where it became an experience and not just a concert. Ropetree is like having all 5 courses of a meal at one time but yet savoring each different taste. You go home more than satisfied.”

“Hot damn! Talk about pouring on the supremely moody and brooding intensity something fierce and thick.”

Joe Wawrzyniak - Jersey Beat

“Ever hear a local and feel they were ready made for radio? Ropetree is a band that delivers melodic yet intense hard rock songs that grab you by the throat and take you on a rock ‘n’ roll adventure. Any one of their songs, including cuts off their new record Bacon, could be heard in a rotation featuring Godsmack, Alter Bridge or Shinedown.”

“Ropetree has a huge sound that could make a closet sound like a stadium. One can also see their passion shine through their music, for they hit every note like it’s their last.....There is no glitz and glam here, as they lose themselves in the music, drenched in desire, and nothing comes between the band and their audience.”

“I've been around the block, performed throughout Europe & UK, been very fortunate to be surrounded by some incredible pros, and I make my living on piano. If I've ANY credibility at all, please consider my words, "Ropetree, an original band, was one of the most refreshingly powerful musical acts I've seen in some time. Sonically top notch and should be played over most of what we hear on the radio today. Their presence was as if they were born on stage and they appeared as if they could take on any arena!”

““You will definitely be blown away by this band””

Chris Kelly - The Atlanticville - NJ

“”It’s good shit, moody and thick, leaving you unsettled and pensive.””

Joann Jovinelly - East Coast Rocker - NJ

““The lyrics speak with raw emotion and the music is edgy””

Jennifer Rossi - NJ Arts & Entertainment News