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“Roots & Rhythm has done some big projects lately working with Todd Edmunds (of the Tel Arc Artist Otis Taylor band) on tuba, JD Kelley on trombone, Rod Buckner (Buckner Funken Jazz) on trumpet and Mikey Smith on organ for a big New Orleans project. This was filmed and featured at the recent Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Pimps of Joytime after party. Roots & Rhythm is also a featured band of the Blue Roots Denver Blues & Jazz feature film to be shown in 5 screenings for the 2014 Five Points Jazz Festival Film Series. These screenings will feature Roots & Rhythm performing live before a screening at the prestigious McNichols Civic Center Building in downtown Denver. Roots & Rhythm really started making their mark when given the opportunity to be featured on Momma Kat’s Show for a 2 hour special on Roots & Rhythm and their original music. We also played her last show on KUVO 89.3 as a live performance and live broadcast which was also filmed for the Blue Roots Denver Blues & Jazz Film.”

“Roots & Rhythm was on 9 news. Skip to 5:17 of video link.”

“Roots & Rhythm frontman James Speiser and KUVO DJ Erik Troe both know a few things about blues and jazz, so it's no surprise that the two came up with the concept for Blue Roots Denver, a Denver-produced program that features local blues and jazz musicians. The pilot for the show, which will feature live performances, as well as stories focusing on the state's musical history, is slated to be shot at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret on Wednesday, August 28. "First is to bring our blues and jazz scene into focus and help foster nationally the reputation that Denver deserves as a city known for dynamic, creative music. There is a family of musicians and venues being coordinated in this effort. Second, there is a younger generation that can carry on this music, and we will include high school and college aged people in the process of performing, filming, producing and promoting each episode of Blue Roots Denver. Dr. Malcolm Lynn Baker, Director of Jazz Studies at University of Denver'”

“That’s how we met James Speiser, leader of the band Roots & Rhythm. We became close after that meeting and kept in touch. Very quickly James Speiser gained a recognition in denver’s blues scene and his band Roots & Rhythm start appearing frequently in Denver’s clubs and venues. After a year of performaning he called us to film and record Roots & Rhythm at the Sheraton Hotel downtown denver. We brought the multitrack and video material to our studio (www.ergRecords.com) to post-produce it. ”

“MEET THE ROOTS & RHYTHM BAND The newest member to the CBS family is the Roots & Rhythm Band. Roots & Rhythm is a Denver jump blues, swing, New Orleans funk and soul group featuring the incendiary vocals and funky guitar stylings of James Speiser. James teamed up with the tough tenor saxophone of Pattie Melt about 10 years ago and they started the band Roots & Rhythm. Roots & Rhythm is authentic and original. With their own unique style they cover great R&B material and also perform some great originals. The band is ranked #2 on Reverb Nation Denver Blues Charts and #84 Nationally (www.ReverbNation.com/RootsRhythm)& were just featured in Colorado Serenity Magazine You can contact James at RootsRhythmBand@live.com. Roots & Rhythm has a big show coming up March 23 at the Buffalo Rose. That night they will feature a five piece group. James Speiser and Pattie Melt with John Grigsby upright bass, Matt Amundson drums & Andy Snyders on alto sax. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATLS6Xkx4kM”

“Despite the successes and growing popularity of Roots & Rhythm, the leader James Speiser is a person with a heavy dose of gratitude. He's happy experiencing the here and now. "Last night was a very special gig for me. At the old Pierre's Supper Club. Right neat the heart of five points, me and Pattie were the only white people in the club. The place was packed and the show was a hit! Now we're there every Thursday. There were some promoters and club owners there that really want us for several other gigs and a festival in the summer. I'm excited." James Speiser has set realistic goals for Roots & Rhythm. He is preparing to go on tour with the band, but it's the connection with the audience that keeps him going. "I'm connected to the audience. Music for me is communicating something cosmic to the people." Roots & Rhythm's CD Phantom Blues is aptly named: with songs like Chi Town, Chains and Laundromat Blues, conjures smoky night clubs and sultry women. Deep soul.”

Corey Colombin - Colorado Serenity Magazine

“Kotnik ​Wazee Supper Club opened its doors back in 1974 under Angelo and Jim Karagas, five years after the same duo erected My Brother's Bar just nine blocks away. Since then, the bar and restaurant, which has since been passed from the hands of the Karagas brothers to the Wynkoop Holdings restaurant group, has lured in celebrities like Jack Kerouac and Jack Nicholson. 9News anchor Kirk Montgomery will sling drinks behind the bar starting at 7 p.m., with 15 percent of the sales benefiting Maxfund, a no-kill animal shelter. If you, like Wazee Supper Club, were born in 1974, you also get your first drink free that night. The events conclude Saturday night with live music from the Roots and Rhythm band, which agreed to perform from 8 p.m. until midnight since singer Jimmy Speiser played his first ever live gig at the supper club back in 1993.”

“Saturday at 8 p.m. debut appearance of one of Denver's premier jazz and blues bands, Roots & Rhythm. Denver has quietly become a hotbed for talented musicians with a passion for the standards. Having established themselves as a force upon that scene, Roots & Rhythm slides seamlessly between smoky New York City Jazz and soulful Chicago blues with stops in between in St. Louis, Memphis and points beyond, wherever the free flowing bass lines may lead. Wielding a gritty, club-weary voice that takes on the full force of the music he sings, front man James Speiser's vocals are perfectly complimented by the soulful and sultry notes that emanate from the bell of Patty Melt's saxophone. While Speiser's guitar and Melt's sax are free to roam. ”

“A diverse and dynamic repertoire, including blues, jump blues and swing, soul, jazz and some funky material. They cover Ray Charles, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Louis Jordan, Sly and the Family Stone, Herbie Hancock among others. They also have a wide variety of original music. Read more: http://www.gazette.com/articles/band-111838-profile-roots.html#ixzz1FNhzXZWB ”