Roots of Thought / Press

"Roots of Thought has settled into a psychedelic indie rock form, but that form isn’t their definition...Earlier releases were quick hits from lyrics and sounds they already had stowed away. But coming together and digging deeper, they found something new, and that’s where “Familiar Feelings” came from."

"Roots of Thought is what I would call "Psychedelic Indie Rock"...When the music gets going, there is definitely a 60's psychadelia going on. Nowhere is this truer than in the song "Lotus" where West's vocals shine and the guitars are allowed to dance around in your head freely. If you listen to their EP "Parallel Self", you will get a sense of the diverse abilities of this group of talented musicians. I am really looking forward to enjoying their show at Rocklahoma 2016...this is another band you should put on your "must-see" list."