“Roots of Creation was my favorite show of Day I at Gathering of the Vibes 2011. The Roots inject a little more wobble into their reggae, mixing it up as if the Easy Star All-Stars asked RJD2 to jam—and came up with something totally awesome, something original and perfect to dance to. RoC served us a homegrown reggae dance party with a lot more psychedelic melodious-ness.”

"New Hampshire's kings of Reggae-Rock!"

“This is what 'American' reggae ought to sound like every time.”

"A Touring Powerhouse. . . needs to be heard to be believed!”

Philip Lucas - thepier.org

"RoC Live Vol. #2" (10/26/10 - Harmonized Records) is aggressive, downright epic in places, and their Reggae influences amalgamated with Rock and Electronica continue to thrive with an energy and attitude that is superbly captured here on these eight live selections. It is a very accurate representation of what they’ve worked so hard for all these years... It is an achievement they should all be proud of.

"Are you guys a band? Cause you look like a band..." -

Jon Fishman (Phish) - a diner in Burlington, VT

“Roots of Creation served-up the perfect escape from the workweek grind, warming up the Paradise Rock Club with a lethal dosage of smash-and-grab reggae. RoC may hit you the hardest with its homegrown reggae, but the band’s song structures dig deeper than the usual slow burn you get with the genre...the band shows off its ability to blur the lines between jungle metal, trance, and straight-up vocal-driven dub...The band wound it all up into one last explosion, which left Wilson, alone, to chant the last words: “Revolution you can’t stop it man.” No one doubted him.”

"RoC's highly anticipated Saturday night set (@ The Big Up) proved just how powerful this New Hampshire band has become."

“Their set at The Big Up Music Festival, left me wanting a bit more of Roots of Creation, which is exactly what they wanted to accomplish, I’m sure.”

““A New Hampshire quintet, that does dirty things to Dub!””

Willamete Week, Portland OR

““ROC brings with them their psychedelic techno-beam light show, which enhances their Reggae infused jams turning the musical experience into a major dance party.””

Las Vegas Sun

““It’s perfectly clear why Roots of Creation are popular in Jam circles. They have a strong grasp of structure and a knack for bringing back the hook just at the apex of anticipation. The heady Electronica forays are a nice touch, too.”

7 days, Burlington VT

"Unusually, the best acts of the day performed in the early slots ...working the crowd into a jolly frenzy...Funky, Electronically medicated Dub played to the bright party atmosphere with the broad spectrum of LA in attendance."

Dan Johnson - allthingsthatrock.com

““I awoke Sunday morning to a band named Roots of Creation playing the Ocho Stage at around 5AM their blend of improvised Rock and Reggae grabbed my interest.””

Trinumeral Music and Arts fest - Jambase.com

““I'm not a big fan of Reggae but they had me dancing within moments.. Their high energy set, approving crowd reaction, earned them an unscheduled 5AM insomniacs/early bird set. . . Definitely a band to check out when they come through town."”

Chris Adams - Honest Tune - the southern journal of jam

“America's contribution to Reggae music: the Jam-Reggae hybrid."”

Brent Hagerman - Exclaim.ca

"Reggae -Funk - Rock that erupts on stage, severing artist-audience barriers while summoning fans to join them in an awakening."

Devin Madden - Relix Magazine