Atyeb Ba Atum RE / Press

“SEX n RACE, ATYEB BA ATUM RA (Spoken Word / Rap)-A Review of the Compilation Report By RBG Street Scholar on Oct-9-11 8:27pm If you enjoy spoken word (rap) that teaches history and culture, while simultaneously paying homage to an original RBG Street Scholar (J.A. Rogers), Atyeb’s Sex n Race is a must have. Her raptivist style, passion and truth on this hot-button subject is unmistakable. The backdrop beats and music blend so righteously she pulls you into her world effortlessly. No matter what your cultural and (for most of us) socio-political position on this issue is, if you are a true spoken word lover and edutainment connoisseur you will find Atyeb's "Sex n Race" both enlightening and uplifting. RBG Street Scholar”

“Atyeb Ba Atum Re's Poetry in Motion If you think you know world music, think again. Attacking the genre with poignant subject matter and an in-your-face attitude, Atyeb Ba Atum Re is crashing through borders and boundaries with her latest effort, Sex n Race. Primarily using spoken word set over experimental and fascinating background music, her artistry has progressed since childhood, culminating with this breakthrough record. Focused on hot button issues such as race, gender, and culture, Atyeb utilizes her personal experiences from America’s civil rights movement in the 1960’s to deliver passionate and thought provoking poetry. Listeners seeking socially conscious, innovative music will be drawn to her immediately, finding it difficult to leave the excellent confines of Sex n Race. ”

“Well spoken words I'll say. Ayaba's album "Sex and Race" is one of those works that comes around once in a lifetime. It's poetry with teeth. Sharp yet discerning teeth that sink right into the nooks and crevices of your brain. Infused with bits of knowledge and pounds of grace I can honestly say that this is an enjoyable spoken word album. ”