Root Jack / Press

“On Oasis Motel, Root Jack’s recently released sophomore CD, Stuart brilliantly mines the more troubling aspects of life in Las Vegas to deliver a set of songs full of caveats, crushed dreams, seedy characters and enough good humor to form a collection that equals or eclipses the band’s sparkling debut, In The Pines.”

“I must admit I couldn't stop listening to these guys. Great vocals, and great melodies that got stuck in my head and couldn't get out. Root Jack is the perfect morning buzz.”

“Highly recommended.”

"one can only hope to walk in a bar and find these three on stage"

“Favorite Albums of 2010.”

“Exciting and to-the-point.”

“In The Pines, was produced by Jon Burbank, of I Can Lick Any SOB fame, and sounds quite a bit fuller than you would expect of three dudes in a studio. That said, their live set also takes it up quite a few notches.”

“Favorite Albums of 2010... Essential Listening.”

“Root Jack has recently released their first full-length album, and it’s an awesome piece of work.”

Front Porch Musings

“They play some great classic, pure rock and roll, with some heartfelt twang added in there. Hearty, fast, guitar-heavy tracks that would fit just as well into an episode of Sons Of Anarchy as they would a smokey poolhall. While their music is nothing to be overlooked, I’m most captured by Kris (and Chris’s) vocal prowess.”

“I must say that once you see them live you are done.”

The Mosteller Report

“As we all know, the closer to the heart the song is born, the better it will be, and In The Pines is chock full of great songs.”

“I’m here to tell you about a band from Portland named Root Jack. These guys aren’t on a label, nor have they recorded an album. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t make some killer tunes. Root Jack is a three piece “power trio” roots-rock band. There isn’t a lot of this type of music coming out of Portland so they’re a refreshing change of pace. I hear a bit of Fogerty in Kris’s voice from time to time, and they’ve got a sweet boogie in some of their tracks.”