Roommate / Press

"Guilty Rainbow is a fantastic achievement from a band that’s always had one in them, and as I said before in so many words that I’ll now say again in so many different ones: there is little else more gratifying in being a fan of music than watching a musician, with every successive album, build upon his or her potential in such an exquisite, dedicated way that everything about their music is now a magnificent improvement over what came before. Roommate’s third album is all that."

"The full orchestration of Roommate’s arrangements, which often include strings or banjos or any number of sundry instruments, never grows to a weighty density, but revels in its own understatement. That suits Lambert, though. His voice sticks to a mid-range croon, and delivers his wry lines dryly. Though Roommate has grown to a full band that favors larger, multi-part arrangements, the band has never shed its bedroom origins. This is headphones music, rainy day music, quiet longing music."

"Guilty Rainbow is a culminating step forward for Chicago’s Roommate... the new release finds Lambert cultivating his strengths—a no-frills delivery and fluid, organic verses that roll into one another with an easy inevitability."