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“It's good to hear a band be very strong and very heavy and not resort to metal cliche to get there.”

Henry Rollins - Henry Rollins

“Rooftop Revolutionaries are, on a basic level a fantastic band with an impressive EP...Few bands today are targeting the issues that Rooftop Revolutionaries are, not just touching upon, but hammering down with their bare fists. The four track release is so in your face you can feel the spittle coming out of your headphones.”

“I love seeing music actually change lives and give hope for the future. Please do yourself the courtesy as to check this vengeful hard rock band Rooftop Revolutionaries.”

“Art is part of political change, and often precedes political change: Rooftop Revolutionaries are a highly talented and dedicated part of the art that is preceding political change in America. The music supports the message but the message never gets ahead of the music and vice versa. The band members are so well matched and tuned to each other that the vocals-thought-notes flow is seamless.”

“It’s good to see that artists are still making rage-motivated music. It’s also nice when that music doesn’t suck. Meet Rooftop Revolutionaries and their new EP, WHITE. Hard, fast and full of acidic messaging, WHITE is filled with many sentiments about challenging our programming, the spectrum of what-the-fuckedness of America right now and basically how the government isn’t really present. A kind of rage within the machine if you will.”

“It’s unusual for a band to combine a political message with good music in general, but Rooftop Revolutionaries accomplish just that. White is definitely an EP worth listening to, if for nothing else than to make yourself think about the current state of society.”

“Most rock bores me, but I really dig this album.“Folk Devils,” “Chains,” and “Don't Call Me Baby” are my favorite tracks but there's not a weak song on the album. You are onto something.”

Page Hamilton - Helmet (Guitarist, Singer, Producer)

“Rooftop Revolutionaries gave an energetic, slightly different interpretation of rock, showcasing a bit more of its darker, serious side through politically charged lyrics. They carried themselves with conviction on stage and vocalist Eleanor Goldfield proved to be a great frontwoman.”

“It’s an endless sea of Rock n Roll cliches and a lack of originality. Amazingly, Rooftop Revolutionaries have managed to rise above the noise and pose a unique brand of sound. Goldfield’s emotional and powerful vocals are what sell this mix of influences to the listener...”

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT. This is awesome!!! WOW. Production value is ridiculous and it's straight up catchy without being cliche. This is amazing. Seriously, I am SO impressed with this. Man, big ups. This is fucking slick. Great job.”

Joey Flores - Co-Founder, Earbits Radio

“Your tracks are incredible!!! Holy Mack!!! ROCK!!! The world needs this kind of rock”

John Alagia - Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Lifehouse, Liz Phair

“Freaking great! Really powerful - and there's a lot of passion there.”

Brian Scheuble - Sting, Alice Cooper, Five for Fighting

“Everything on this record is catchy...This band is a war...This band fights together to get people thinking and making their own decisions. It was political, personal, and moving. The album is very close to perfect if not perfect. Thanks for sharing, keep on rocking.”

Eli Sokolow

“Eleanor-I couldn't believe the pearls of wisdom and insight from one so young. Your energy, voice, passion, vision, insights and above all your music are desperately needed in the fight to take our country back from what is now a "corpotacracy" and restore our country to one that is of, for, and by the people.”

“I must say, that I don’t really hear a weak song on this album. It’s catchy yet loud and it grabs you by the balls without any further introduction.”

“Move over Lizzy Hale and Maria Brink (I love them both) and make some room for an amazing new female vocalist, Eleanor Goldfield”

Clarissa Parashar - Tattoo Apparel

“Complicity is downright fucking badass. Six faves: Complicity, Chains, Folk Devils, Portrait, I Am A War and Don't Call Me Baby. Nice job!”

Ross Hogarth - Producer, Engineer (Van Halen, John Mellencamp, Lifehouse, Sick Puppies)

“This is a really great record!! Rocks hard, great vocals!!”

Dug Pinnick - Kings X

“Their music is not a compilation of harsh criticisms and gutter noise, but a finely tuned arrangement of music and verse, the views of intellectually responsible people, the new bards that take the news unseen and bring it into our minds buy the way of song.”

“Of course the danger that any ‘message’ band will encounter is that the message will overshadow the music or vice verse, but with Rooftop Revolutionaries that is not the case. The message goes hand-in-hand with the music.”

Anthony Cannella - Femme Metal Webzine

“Heavy rock that comes at you from leftfield, with juicy riffs, unexpected lyrics, creative vocal delivery and a healthy dose of experimentalism. Fist-pumping, full-bore stuff, that gives you plenty to think about too. What could be better?”

“Rooftop Revolutionaries has something to say and they demand your attention, their music possesses enough blunt force to get it too.”

Anthony Cannella - Femme Metal Webzine

“Ms. Goldfield’s words, like her music, speak for themselves – powerful and provocative stuff that very well supports her call to action.”

“A definite selling point of ’Resolute’ is the stunning versatility of Swedish/American singer Eleanor Goldfield. Brian Marshak’s tasty guitar playing is the backbone of the music, always offering just as much as needed. This, in short, is a perfect blend of tenderness and strength, which is just the very gist of Rooftop Revolutionaries.”

“The music is interesting. It is very modern, very now. You never get bored listening to it. It is unlike anything I've worked on or heard in my 40 years in the business. It's ahead of it's time the way Bowie was ahead of his. ”

Dennis MacKay - Dennis MacKay - Producer/Engineer (Judas Priest, David Bowie, Phil Collins, Stan

“I trust that you, like me, will find the young woman you are about to meet most impressive – in design, in creativity and in her concern about the political, economic and social future of our country. The fact that she has integrated all this into the musical group, Rooftop Revolutionaries, accompanied by their theme to “Do Something” under the banner of “Art Killing Apathy”, with a business model (and portfolio) that states that this is “a way to combine the culture of hard rock and the culture of political and social activism into a revolutionary business” speaks volumes to the socially motivated character and initiative that are much needed in today’s world.”

“The music sounds huge! I wake up in the middle of the night with their songs stuck in my head - creepy but they've really got something here. Love mixing them.”

David Klein - David Klein of David Klein Audio (Anthrax, Pearl, The Damned Things)

“As a guitarist, hearing some of the creative new ways of using the same instrument was really intriguing: the killswitch, the pedals, very cool.”

Rich Mouser - Rich Mouser (Oleander)