Ron Rutherford / Press

“What a talent you are Ron! Reminiscent of the iconic songs of the Eagles, with a sound and character to these songs that is timeless. "Let Love Be" and "Hole in my Heart" are my favs and are especially moving. Will definitely be back for a repeat listen of all 11 of these wonderful tracks!”

“Superb timeless music. These songs just sound so right. Classic melodic rockin' Americana. I'm reminded of all those great Elektra/Asylum artists (Jackson Browne/JD Souther/Warren Zevon etc).”

“Where did this guy come from? Every once in a while someone appears out of the blue that knocks your socks off...Ron has a first class product. I hope John Q. Public has the chance to hear (and buy) work from this talented artist.”

“A consummate musician with a style of music both unique & familiar. As a lyricist, a craftsman of the highest caliber. One of the most accessible performers I've ever worked with, he's a fan of his own fans, as willing to give as he is to receive. I recommend this incredible performer highly!”

“This CD is a huge bolt, a thunder clap of poetry, contemplation, storytelling. I have interviewed many writing talents, including poets, and I place Ron's storytelling through his music in the highest category. Ron is a positive and powerful force, a new and brave voice in music...”

Lori Crever - 30 Minutes With The Author

“Ron's new album shows great depth in songwriting as well as performance. This AAA/Americana album is choc full of powerful songs from the heart with the soul to match. You can certainly tell that Ron has lived the music. Quite an accomplishment in this cookie cutter music world of sound alikes.”

“Without a doubt Lone Wolf is a diamond in the rough! From the first track to the last, this package is bound to become a classic. Back in the days of vinyl, for a collection of songs to become classic, they must all be memorable; not just one or two. Ron's CD contains 11 memorable tracks.”

“I am absolutely blown away by this CD. It's Eagles quality, and I can see it climbing the charts in a big way.”

“I LOVE this album...all the songs on it and most particularly, LONE WOLF. I think he is a brilliant musician, composer and artist. Look for him at the top of the charts!”

“After my 30 some years recording & performing, it's been a long time since an album made me want to just sit on my balcony with a cold drink, a good cigar & just listen to some good ol' rock'n'roll. Lone Wolf did so instantly.”

“Like the Eagles, only different. A bit country, but not. This album is a smash debut hit & deserves a listen from beginning to end in a quiet room with a cold drink & the lights dimmed down just a bit. Enjoy the musical ride of your life. I promise, you won't be DAMNED if you do, but if you don't.”

“Independent artists are experiencing a surge in popularity and exposure thanks to the Internet. One such artist that's taking the reins of destiny is Ron Rutherford. His superb CD is filled with great songwriting...Lone Wolf would make a fine addition to anyone's music collection.”

“This album is fantastic! It's a roller coaster ride for the soul. From the cruising down the highway stereo-a-blazing track, Freak Flag, through the haunting and forlorn melody of Many Moons Ago; Lone Wolf is a journey...A journey that you won't regret taking.”

“Ron has written his story of love, loss & lawyers straight to the formation of a conscious creed of freedom and dignity. As the album took shape in my head & heart, I found warmth & courage on this disc. It brought me to tears. He found the courage to tell it deep & keep feeling through it all.”

“Discovered Lone Wolf by country rocker rebel Ron Rutherford recently. He’s a singer songwriter reminiscent of Warren Zevon, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Whitley; & the music is somewhere between that of Loggins & Messina and Poco. Give the album a listen.”

“Found myself playing Unlucky Love 5 times. Perfect. Not just the sway off the romantic dance slow beat but the lyrics along with it illuminating a visual. Your vocals - flawless. The lead comes in crisp, clear & ends on the harmonic. So cool! Now on my 6th. WOW! What a song! I absolutely love it!”

“It's always good to hear from other musicians who have an intense love for the music, and the culture that derives from it. Earthy sounds, I mean not covered over in high-fructose corn syrup. It's raw and inspired, not punch-stamped with mediocrity. I enjoyed your songs greatly.”

“From the very first track of Ron Rutherford’s latest CD offering, Lone Wolf, one is pulled in and involved. Jumping off with the upbeat single, “Freak Flag”, this listener was rockin' around the floor, singing the chorus and feeling the urge to get out and ride!”